Airsoft Helmet: How To Choose The Right One

Airsoft is probably among the top when it comes to adventure games that you can play along with your friends and family. The experience is thrilling and gives you the feeling like you are on an actual battlefield. Even though the bullets used in the game aren’t real and do not cause bad injury, they can still hurt a little if they hit you on bare skin. So, it is always best to wear a helmet while engaging in any tactical activity in case anything wrong does happen.

But, Airsoft helmets are not like regular military helmets. These are mere replicas and are designed to be used in the game only. They are available at Airsoft’s store, but many other brands also sell them. With this many options, it might not be easy to see what’s the right one for you. To help with that, the guide here contains a few important things you need to know about to find the best product for yourself.

Its Use

The primary use of this helmet is to protect the players from BBs. These might not be real bullets, but they can hurt your eyes and other sensitive body parts if left unprotected. While playing, the person would also be running around a lot, and since this is a multiplayer game, people can bump into each other and hit their heads. A helmet also helps prevent any injury caused by that.

Many people stream or record their gameplay. For them, a helmet will be of great help because they can mount their camera and other gear on it. For some, protection is not the most important, and they wear it only because of the classic military look.

Common Models Available

These helmets are usually replicas of actual military helmets so that the players can get the true feel. Here, one can find the different models that soldiers actually wear in the military. But unlike the real ones, these can also come with many added features like communication headsets. Here are a couple most commonly used ones:

  • FAST Helmet: These are among the most common types of helmets used in the military. Because of their popularity, their replicas are also used in Airsoft games. They have a unique shell shape and also come with ARC rails, which are great for mounting accessories.
  • EXF Bump Helmet: These are the replica models of the helmets used by Navy Seals and are specially designed for gameplay. Their shell is ABS plastic and has proper cushioning and padding on the inside. They are also extremely lightweight.
  • M1 Helmet: This combat helmet was used during World War II by the US forces. It is one of the classic helmets in the history of the US military, and its design became the foundation for many other kinds of helmets that succeeded it.
  • Stahlhelm Helmet: These are German military-style helmets that were used by their forces during World War II. Its shape is pretty distinct, and because of its unique design and historical significance, its replica is also used as protective gear in the game.

Ballistic Protection

Military helmets are known for offering great ballistic protection. They are among the primary protective gear used by soldiers to help prevent fatal injuries from bullets. An Airsoft one might look like them, but it is designed very differently and is not meant to be used during actual battles. But since the game is intended to give its players a real experience, the helmets’ used there look the same as the actual military ones.

So, if you were wondering whether it provides ballistic protection, then no, it does not. However, it will prevent the wearer from bumps, scratches, or injuries caused by BBs because these are not sharp like real bullets and are made from metal. People can consider wearing other helmets in the game, but they cannot wear this one on an actual battlefield.

Additional Attachments And Accessories

One of the major advantages of wearing a helmet while playing is that it allows you to add attachments and accessories to it. All the different equipment that one can attach to an actual military helmet can also be mounted on this. They can be night vision glasses, lights, cameras, and more. By adding all these, you can give yourself extra protection, and they will also aid you in your game. Since this helmet is very lightweight, adding accessories will not increase too much of its weight.

A lot of the time, players love to capture their experiences. By wearing a helmet, they can easily mount a small camera on their head, which will record the gameplay. There are also a variety of helmets in the market that already come with accessories added to them. So you can consider investing in that as well.

Getting The Right Fit

Finding yourself a helmet that fits perfectly is also very important because everyone likes smooth gameplay. While playing, you will run around and often fall or bump into things. If your helmet does not sit well on your head, it can easily fall off or hinder your view. Always get one that fits you snugly. You can even go a size down if it is difficult to find your exact fit. Make sure that the one you buy also has a good chin strap. It will keep it stable and prevent it from falling.

Is It Necessary?

Wearing or not wearing a helmet in Airsoft is totally a matter of preference. Even though it is always better to keep yourself protected, a lot of people don’t wear it because it is not mandatory. The chances of getting injured here are fairly low, and you are not using real weapons. Most venues don’t have any mandate, but there might be a few places where wearing a helmet is a must. Still, it is always recommended to check beforehand.


Like any other helmet, these also come in different price ranges. But they are slightly cheaper than actual military ones because they are just replicas and do not have any ballistic properties. The price also varies according to the brand, the type of material used, and additional features that it might come with. Usually, the higher the price, the better the quality will be.

So, if someone wants a premium and exact copy of a certain helmet, they will have to pay more. That is why one must always have a predecided budget so that it is easier to pick one while making a purchase. They can start anywhere from 20$ and go as higher as you want.

Conclusion-What Is Right?

Now that you know everything about Airsoft helmets, finding the right one would not be difficult. As mentioned earlier, it is important to have a set budget so that you can find something under your price range. Also, since there is so much variety and so many brands coming up with their own product, do thorough research and go through all the reviews. For the design, you can pick anything according to your preference because there are a number of models available, even the ones used during world war times.