Baseball Cap Motorcycle Helmet: What to Look for When Buying?

Baseball caps are among the most popular fashion accessories and can instantly elevate your style. You must have seen boys and girls rocking one of these around town. With their popularity, baseball cap motorcycle helmets also came into being. These make for a friendly alternative to your regular helmets and make riding much more fun. They do all the work a standard helmet does but also give you the classic look of a cap.

The retro style and feel of these helmets are the main reason many people like them. People usually buy these for style purposes, but getting the right one can also give you a good amount of protection. And just like a regular cap, you can wear these both ways. You can play around with the color and design of your helmet to make it look even cooler and more personalized.

These are also one of the smallest government-approved helmets that are legal to wear on the road. The round top makes it look somewhat big, but its size overall is much smaller than others. So if you feel bored of your plain headgear and want to get something much more fun and fashionable, this can be a great option. But before buying, there are certain things that you need to look for so that you can make the best purchase.

Premium Quality Shell

These are half helmets, meaning they cover only half of your head. Unlike full-coverage ones, these barely come up to your ears. Hence they are not the most protective. But getting one with a sturdy and high-quality shell can work wonders. It will protect you from powerful impacts and prevent the risk of getting brain damage or concussions if you meet with an unfortunate accident. A premium quality shell will also significantly enhance your helmet’s look and make it more attractive.

In the helmet industry, ABS plastic is one of the most common materials used in most helmets. It is of excellent quality and gives ample protection. It is also very lightweight yet has high strength. So while buying, it would be better to go for something whose shell is made of this material. It will also provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and protection.

Curved And Longer Brim

The brim is the extended part of the cap, which helps in protecting your eyes and face from harsh sun rays. It also protects your head from the rain, which is why it is the most crucial and practical part of any baseball cap. But it would work much better if it was slightly longer and curved on the edges. It is not that difficult to find such helmets as many brands make them, and hundreds of available options exist in the market for you to choose from.

Now what a long brim does is that it covers a much larger area, preventing anything from coming in direct contact with your head and eyes. The curve helps reflect the sunlight back and prevents any accumulated water from the rain from dripping down on your face. Getting a helmet with a shiny coating can also help reflect the sunlight and prevent it from heating up.

Adjustable Chin Straps

With this helmet, getting the right size is a must. You need to measure your head carefully and then pick a size accordingly. Overall, it should fit you somewhat snugly, so you can even consider going a size down if you can’t find your perfect fit. Chin straps can help you even further.

In any helmet, a chin strap is a must. But it is much more important here because this helmet is more likely to fall or come off because of its unique design. Straps will keep it stable and secure and help it sit more comfortably on your head.

Adjustable straps are even better because they will help you tighten or loosen your helmet however you like. You can pull them tight if you are going a little fast and loosen them if you are simply cruising around and want to enjoy the ride.


One of the highly crucial things you must consider before buying this helmet is its certification. A lot of brands sell these, but not all of them are approved to be used as motorcycle helmets. US laws only allow DOT-approved ones, as they are thoroughly tested to check and measure their effectiveness. So, for your safety and to comply with the government’s laws, only getting a certified helmet would be the best choice. Since the options are overwhelming and you can easily get confused, we would also recommend you always check the label or product description before buying.

Breathable Material

Wearing a helmet for a long time can be pretty uncomfortable, especially in hot and humid weather. That is why it is always important to look for something that is breathable, will not suffocate you, and will help you enjoy your rides more freely. Make sure your helmet has a good quality lining that can easily absorb all the sweat or moisture inside.

You can also find helmets with removable and washable lining. So, you can remove and wash it anytime you feel like it so that it is nice and clean. This is very helpful in preventing germs and dandruff from building up and causing problems like foul smell or itching. It will also enhance your helmet’s longevity and will give you a better wearing experience.


One of the biggest takeaways from the above information is that you must always focus on how secure the helmet is and how much protection it offers. Also, this helmet is not ideal for you if you want something heavy-duty that will 100% guarantee your safety in case of a mishap. It is more for that retro look and will work well if you don’t use it for intense rides. Always read the brand’s description of the product and all its features before making a purchase.