Bloodsport Helmet: Buying Guide

Whether or not you are a “The Suicide Squad” fan, you will probably agree that the props they used were incredibly cool. One such item is the folding skull helmet worn by Bloodsport. Its look was just as iconic as the character, and as a fan, a lot of people want to add it to their personal collection as well. Unfortunately, you can’t get the real thing used in the movie and the powers it has to offer, but many companies sell imitation models of it that look just as fantastic.

So, even though it won’t protect you from bullets or intimidate your enemies, it is still a great piece to own that you can use in many other ways. In this guide, we have mentioned all the necessary information regarding it so that you can make an intelligent purchase.

What To Expect?

Of course, if you buy it, it won’t be the same as it was shown in the movie. It doesn’t actually have those features and powers. Here are a couple of things that you should expect:

  • Bulletproof material: In the film, the helmet protects the character from bullets and injuries, but if you are buying it, then you must know that it does not actually come with bulletproof properties, and you should not use it for that purpose.
  • Collapsibility: It was also shown that the helmet is collapsible, which allowed the character to protect his identity, but in most replicas that you buy, this feature is most likely not going to be available. It is also not practical.
  • Safety: Replicas for this helmet are not for general use. It would be great if you only used these as a prop or for décor. It does not guarantee your protection and cannot be worn in place of an actual protective helmet.

Design And Aesthetic

The helmet has a unique design, which is probably the foremost thing that attracts most people. That is because it is a xenomorph-inspired helmet. Xenomorphs are fictional extraterrestrial beings who are the primary enemies in the Alien movie series. It also has an opaque design which helps our character stay hidden. The use of blue and gold makes it look even more fascinating.

So if you are someone who is into such aesthetics, then you can surely get it. It will instantly make your place look more exciting if you plan to display it. But you must know that if you want an exact model of this helmet made of high-quality material, the price can also get higher.

Can You wear it while riding?

Even though this helmet covers your entire head, we won’t recommend you to wear it while riding any two-wheeler. The primary reason is that it does not come with proper eye sockets. This will significantly hamper your visibility and increase your chances of getting into accidents.

Another reason is that the material used is not designed to be worn as a motorcycle helmet. People usually buy it to use it as a prop or to showcase it in their collection. It is also impractical to use it for riding since it provides you with little to no protection. Since the law states that it is crucial to wear the right kind of helmet, doing this can also have legal aftereffects.

Where To Use It?

Since you can’t really use it as a regular helmet doesn’t mean that there aren’t other ways to go about it. Now that you know where it is not an excellent choice to wear this helmet, we will also let you know how you can make better use of it.


As a fan, you probably want to incorporate something related to the movie in your life. A good way to do it is to use your helmet as a décor. Doing this will instantly amp up the look of your space and will add much more personality to it.

Prop For Cosplay

The helmet is perfect for you if you wish to cosplay as Bloodsport for your next party or are just a fan who wants to try it out. Using this will make your costume look much more to the point and will also make you stand out.

Collector’s Piece

Maybe you are someone who enjoys collecting merch and pieces from their favorite shows and movies. Since this is such a significant piece that is also very popular among the fans, it would make for an incredible addition to your collection.

Options To Get It

If you are looking for a Bloodsport helmet, there are many options for you. Brands have made replicas and imitations for the fans to buy, and they are available at different price ranges. It mainly depends on the budget you have and how important the product’s overall look is for you. The more premium and 100% similar ones would be on the higher side, and regular quality ones would be more affordable.

Nowadays, there is also an option for you to get it 3D printed. A lot of companies are selling this, or you can purchase the file and get it printed yourself if you have a 3D printer. It would be best if you were much more careful with this one since it is pretty delicate and more suitable for display purposes. But, you can also get exact replicas with this.


With multiple choices available for you, it is essential to go through their features and uses and then decide accordingly. Make sure you create a budget beforehand because you will find something in every price range. It also depends on how much you care about the overall aesthetic and whether you want a 100% exact model or something inspired by it.

What you will be using it for is also very important. We recommend you get it only if you are not planning on using it as a protective helmet. To make a much more intelligent decision, you can also go through the different reviews and see if it is worth it or not.