Bucket Helmet – How to Protect Your Head

Bucket helmet has two different meanings. First, bucket helmet means the helmet worn by medieval knights in the past. It has an elongated design resembling the design of a bucket, which is the reason the helmet was called bucket helmet. Second, bucket helmet can also mean the helmet made of a simple bucket, which you can customize by yourself.

In this guide, we will talk about the bucket helmet you can make for yourself from a simple bucket. Learn about how to protect your head with the bucket helmet.

Understanding Bucket Helmet

Bucket helmet is the type of simple helmet you can wear on your head, while providing only a minimum protection for it. You might not find the bucket helmet on the market today, as it is just a helmet made of a bucket. You can use any bucket and wear it on your head, and it will mean that you have worn the bucket helmet.

However, with the bucket helmet, you can also make some modifications on it, which will make it look much better when you wear it. This includes creating a hole at the front of the bucket, so that you can see from it. This type of helmet is just a toy or mockup helmet that you can wear for fun, and it might not have any practical purposes for you to wear it as a regular helmet.

Bucket Helmet Effectiveness

Despite the traditional style of the helmet, a bucket helmet can still be very effective in protecting your head. However, you need to understand that it might not be a good idea to use this helmet for activities that might put you at a risk of danger. For instance, using a bucket helmet for motorcycling or doing anything that requires real head protection is something you can’t do.

Here are some important points you need to know about bucket helmet effectiveness:

  • It’s only good for protecting your head from small physical shocks. Bucket helmet is not the helmet you can rely on to protect you from dangerous physical shocks on your head. You can only use the bucket helmet to protect your head from small physical shocks, and even then, this helmet doesn’t have the durability to endure too many small physical shocks at a time.
  • It can protect both sides of your head, along with the back side. With the bucket design, you can only protect both sides of your head along with the back side of your head when you use it as a helmet. This is something that you need to keep in mind.
  • The bucket helmet can also protect some areas at the front of your head. You can also protect the front area of your head if you customize the helmet by making a hole around the front area. This way, you can use the bucket helmet in the best way.
  • You need to customize the bucket for the best head protection. It’s also important for you to add some modifications to your bucket helmet, which will allow it to protect your head even more. For instance, adding a cushion on the interior side of the bucket will help you wear it with more comfort and protect your head from more physical shocks.

Bucket Helmet Benefits

Despite its simple design, bucket helmets can still provide you with certain benefits you might not get from any other helmets. Bucket helmets have a unique design, and with certain modifications, you can make this helmet look better than a plain bucket.

Here are some bucket helmet benefits you can get:

  • It’s free. Yes, bucket helmets are free to use. You can just pick up a bucket at home and put it on your head, and you have yourself a bucket helmet. However, there’s more to it than just putting a bucket on your head.
  • You can make it yourself. You can use a simple bucket and turn it into a bucket helmet. There are plenty of modifications you can apply for the bucket helmet to make it more stylish and presentable. Of course, you can add some safety features on it as well.
  • You can customize it the way you see fit. You can customize the bucket helmet in various ways based on your own preferences. For example, you can add some padding on the interior of the bucket to give your head even more comfort when you wear it. Also, you can add some paints on the helmet exterior to make it more unique and stylish.
  • It’s great as a mockup or toy helmet. Bucket helmet is a great mockup or toy helmet you can use to play with your kids. No need for you to buy any expensive helmets. You can just use the bucket helmet as a toy helmet and play with it right away.

Bucket Helmet Disadvantages

Of course, with the bucket helmet’s simplicity, there will be many disadvantages you will get when you use it. These disadvantages make it not preferable for you to use it for any practical purposes aside from using it as a mockup or toy helmet. You can use all your creativity to customize the bucket helmet and add various features to it, but please be mindful also about its disadvantages.

Here are some bucket helmet disadvantages you need to know:

  • Weak durability. The primary disadvantage of a bucket helmet is the weak durability that it has. With the bucket helmet, you can’t rely on the durability of the outer shell of the helmet, as most buckets use plastic materials not designed to be put on the head.
  • Poor design. You can customize the design of the bucket helmet, but it has certain limitations. It’s quite difficult for you to make the bucket helmet look cool or stylish while you wear it. The bucket design itself is not the best design for a helmet, so this is something you need to consider when you plan on using a bucket helmet.
  • Minimum protection. With the plastic materials the bucket helmet has, it can only provide you with minimum protection from physical shocks. You can’t rely on the protection features of the bucket helmet, as it can still give you some head injuries even when exposed to small to medium shocks.
  • Limited customizations. There are not a lot of customization options available for the bucket helmet. It also doesn’t look like a normal helmet, so you can’t use it to replace a regular helmet.
  • No certification standards. You can’t expect the bucket helmet to have certain safety certifications with it. There will be no safety standards for bucket helmets, which means it can’t give any standard protection for your head.

Adding More Protection

How to protect your head with a bucket helmet? Of course, the basic bucket helmet will not provide you with any reliable head protection features. This is the reason you need to add more protection to it by yourself. A bucket helmet can become somewhat comfortable to wear if you can add some features to it.

Here are some tips to add more protection to the bucket helmet:

  • Add an interior padding. By adding an interior padding, you can feel more comfortable when you wear the bucket helmet. You need to add the interior padding from the foam material that is not too soft nor too hard. This way, you can keep your head in comfort while you wear the bucket helmet, and also, you can add more safety protection for your head.
  • Create a hole in front of the bucket. It will be difficult for you to wear the bucket helmet without creating a hole in front of the bucket. By creating a hole in front of the bucket, you can wear the bucket helmet all the way to the top of the interior area. You can also add some bars on the helmet hole or a small visor to add some style and functionality to it.
  • Add a strap to tighten the bucket helmet. It’s also best for you to add a strap for the bucket helmet, which will allow you to tighten your helmet. Wearing a tight and fit bucket helmet is better than wearing a loose one. So, a strap will help fit the helmet to your head, and the interior padding will also help you feel comfortable wearing it. It’s safer to wear the bucket helmet with the tightened strap.
  • Cover the shell with rubber materials. Instead of relying on the basic plastic material of the bucket, you can cover the shell of the bucket with rubber materials. This way, it can also help reduce physical shocks on the bucket helmet. Aside from that, you can also make the helmet even more appealing to look at.
  • Don’t use the bucket helmet for dangerous stunts. Last but not least, it’s best for you not to use the bucket helmet for dangerous activities. It’s best to use this helmet only as a prop, mockup, or toy for you to play with.


You can protect your head more while wearing a bucket helmet by adding more safety features for it. By adding more safety features, such as interior padding, outer shell cover, strap, and visor, you can transform a simple bucket helmet with minimum protection into a better helmet that can protect your head.

However, it is still not preferable for you to use the bucket helmet to replace the regular helmet.