Bullet Proof Helmets: Who Can and Who Should Have It?

With time, technology has advanced, and threats have also increased. But with that, there was also an advancement in the type of combat gear being used. Bulletproof helmets came into play and have since been one of the most common types of protective equipment used by law enforcement and the military. People working in areas with high chances of getting injured from bullets or shrapnel are the ones who generally use these.

But, you don’t have to be a soldier to wear a bulletproof helmet. People engaged in tactical work are at the most risk for such injuries and hence wear them. However, you can get injuries that can be similar to a bullet wound if something hits you in the wrong spot. So, in this guide, we will let you know everything about a bulletproof helmet and who should invest in it.

Types Of Bulletproof Helmets

There is not just one type of bulletproof helmet. They are of different kinds and are designed keeping in mind the various needs of people. These are also some of the best choices for people in the armed forces, and knowing about the different types will help you choose accordingly. Here are a few of them:

  1. MICH(Modular Integrated Communications Helmet): This is one of the U.S. military’s most commonly used combat helmets. It came after the PASGT helmet with some changes made in it. It is much more lightweight, and its designs allow the user to add extra accessories without it being too uncomfortable.
  2. FAST(Future Assault Shell Technology): This one has a unique design that is quite different from other ballistic helmets. It leaves the ears exposed, and this is to prevent water from getting in and collecting inside the ear. Similar to MICH, this also allows adding additional accessories to enhance performance.
  3. ACH(Advanced Combat Helmet): This is the advanced version of the MICH helmet and comes with a few changes if we compare the two together. They might look the same, but this provides slightly better protection and also has a larger area.

Primary Users Of Bulletproof Helmet

Unlike your regular safety or motorcycle helmets, these are not for everyone. People engaged in tactical work are the ones who use it the most. Here are a few areas where these helmets are primarily used:

  • Military: Soldiers are probably the first people to come to mind when we think about the main users of this helmet. Ballistic threats constantly surround them, which is why they need a ballistic helmet to protect them from gunfire or bombing.
  • Public Security Forces: People in public security often have to go through dangerous operations like terrorist attacks, etc., and hence need it to protect themselves in case there is a shooting or something goes wrong.
  • Police: They have to deal with day-to-day problems related to public safety and often have to be in situations like riots or mass shootings where there is a risk of them getting injured. This is where they have to wear such helmets.
  • Private Security Officers: VIPs and important personalities are also at risk of shootings and have private security officers to protect them. These officers are also at risk and often wear this to protect themselves from possible threats.

Working Of A Bulletproof Helmet

As the name suggests, the main job of a bulletproof helmet is to protect the wearer from any potential injuries from firearms. Special forces, Police, and people working high-risk jobs are the ones it is specially designed for. It not only does the job of preventing any basic injuries but is specially made to reduce the risk of ballistic injuries. This is why it is also known as a ballistic helmet.

The science behind the working of this helmet is also quite simple. It comes with a hard outer shell made of bullet-resistant materials like Kevlar. It also comes with padding, which absorbs the shock and reduces impact. These days many other features can be seen in modern helmets, some of them being enhanced safety and additional attachments.

Amount Of Protection It Offers

Even though the word “Bulletproof” is used, it does not mean that it is completely impenetrable and guarantees complete safety. If you encounter powerful weapons or have sustained a lot of fire, then the helmet can get damaged, and you can also get injured. It can resist most bullets, but the effectiveness also depends on the type and brand you are using.

So, if you are from the military and can get into intense battles, then this does not completely guarantee your safety. But, it will surely reduce your injuries and also give you good protection. That is why it is crucial to understand that with enough fire sustained and the right type of weapon used, even bulletproof helmets won’t work.

Who Can Use It?

The use of this helmet is not just restricted to the military but can be used by people who are not in public defense at all. There are so many other areas where firearms are used, and there is also a risk of getting injured. In some places, people might need it because the impact sustained from some things can be just as strong as that of a bullet.

But, it is not recommended that you use it for anything else. It would be best if you avoid using it as a motorcycle or safety helmet. The U.S. law also does not allow convicts to use protective combat gear. So, for safety and certain legal reasons, it would be best if you use this only if you require it.


Now that you know how a bulletproof helmet works and how it will help you, you can make out who it would be ideal for and who should use it. You can wear it if you want, but it won’t be practical for people who are not engaged in anything where there is a risk of sustaining injuries from bullets. It is ideal for soldiers and people in law enforcement and should not be used as a replacement for any other type of helmet.