Conquistador Helmet – Buying Guide

Warfare has played an integral role in shaping the history and civilizations that we know today. Throughout human history, many countries and factions have fought significant battles and wars that decided the course of history.

Nobody knows the future; the present is what we have, but the most outstanding teacher of life is the past and past experiences. The old age armory teaches that we should be grateful for the history that has led us to the evolved species we are today. Our ancestors had gone through tremendous wars and battles to be where we are today.

The attire, along with the overall gear one don to a battle or war, is significant as it could essentially dictate whether the warrior will remain unscathed or potentially lose their life on the battlefield.

We have often heard that offense is the best defense, but this should not let you downplay the value of protective gear. Today we will talk about one of those gears, an antique collector’s dream and one of the essential headgears worn by the European warriors in the 16th and 17th centuries, going by the name of ‘Conquistador helmets.’ The word Conquistador is a Spanish one that means a conqueror.

Want to learn more about this vintage product? Follow suit;

The essence of the Conquistadors:

When one ponders upon the Spanish combat and protective gear, one can not help but think of the 16th and 17th-century Spanish conquistador helmets. Hands down, it is one of the coolest helmets made in history. The edges, crest, and everything gave a look befitting of a soldier or a warrior.

These open helmets were used to provide protection from substantial damage if the attack is straight down and hit from upwards like stones being thrown or millie attacks being hit straight down the skull. Still, the flip side is that the neck portion, as well as the face below the forehead, is left exposed to damage and can be susceptible to severe attacks.

Its global Appeal in the 16th century:

Having originated and been popularized in Spain, these helmets were a massive hit with the Portuguese army. They were used by soldiers of quite a few countries, namely the Philippines army, the Italian army, and English soldiers.

These helmets were worn by the Swiss guards of the Vatican as well. However, all of them had slight variations in designing and going by different names, such as pikeman’s pot, kettle hat, and the most famous morion helmets.

One for the collectors:

A true history aficionado would not be able to resist himself or herself buying this fantastic piece of history because that is what it essentially is. The conquerors of Europe went out to conquer different regions with this work of art of a helmet on their head that showcased peak craftsmanship and artistry.

The past of this stylish piece of war and battle gear is quite dark, being the witness to slavery, colonization, and the ravaging of native countries. But that is the thing about history. One can not cherry-pick what to keep and what to skip; one has to be willing to accept and move forward like the Conquistador enthusiasts have been doing so, making it one of the most widely bought historical gear.

Aesthetically Pleasing:

These helmets have been an integral part of the aesthetic outlook of the warriors as it completely fulfills the purpose of protection and intimidation. The legacy that follows this headwear gear has a lot to do with the iconic historical figures who have donned it.

The functionality of the helmets was to protect against swords and physical attacks to the head. However, they were also effective in brushing off bullets and medium sort of firearms, thereby acting as an effective headgear for soldiers and warriors fighting it out on the frontline.

The different parts that make the helmet what it is are its edges on the side, the brims on the front, and the back, equally well complemented by a crest on the top. One of the other interesting features of these helmets is their symmetricity, meaning that they could be worn either way and would still be correct.

Different platforms where one can buy conquistador helmets:

Searching on the web to find the best-desired helmets is not a big hassle given the emergence of many excellent online stores, as well as websites, all of which are unique in their way. You can indeed find what you are looking for there.

In contrast, you can visit the nearby pawn shops if you happen to have one in close or somewhat close proximity and have first-hand experience of the quality of the products, both in terms of looks and build quality.

Once you have access and familiarity with both, then that can give you a very clear and concise perspective on which platform would be preferable to buy from. This way, you can compare and decide conveniently.

Different types of conquistador helmets one can buy:

One of the best things about this legendary and ancient protective equipment is that it comes in many styles and designs, metal and alloy compositions, as well as colors. Not to forget the various additional accessories being added.

From foam to iron to steel and from simple black ones to those in silver color, mixed colors, and finally, from amateur designs to dedicated ones with plumule, from open to compact, all are available for the collectors.

Pricing of the Helmets:

The pricing of the helmets is entirely accurate given their historical attraction to major European wars such as French Revolution. The helmets are nothing short of excellence in art and design, which is reflected undeniably in the face value of the helmets. There are plenty of options available on the internet if one is looking to buy the conquistador helmet made from different materials and varying in prices accordingly.

Know what you are buying it for:

If you know how to collect antique stuff from history, then conquistador helmets must be on your bucket list. Foot soldiers mostly wore these helmets to protect from close-range attacks on one of the most sensitive parts of the human body, i.e., the head.

It is of paramount importance to know what is the purpose of your buying this helmet because then only one can decide which type is needed by you.

  • If you are a general collector of these vintage items from the past, then you must look for the mid-tier ones, which are made from steel and are not susceptible to rusting.
  • In case you are looking for one for a play/theatre or a project. A low-tier one that is aesthetically accurate looking but is made of lighter metal like aluminum is the perfect deal because it is not too heavy on the head and can be worn comfortably for as long as the script demands.
  • Finally, for the traditionalists, the one made from steel, iron, and leather would be the most suited but, at the same time, would be the most expensive of the lot.

How to find your perfect conquistador helmet?

Everyone has their own choices and colors as well as designs that they like. Online stores and websites are often an ideal space for buying your favorite helmets that may be made from copper, steel, or some other alloy. Make sure to choose the ones that are handmade because it gives the product that much more authenticity.

The thing to be wary of while buying these helmets:

Frequently it has been noticed that the product delivered is not what it is advertised. There are many fake replicas present on the market which might look and feel like the real deal, but that is seldom the case.

The coloring should be long-lasting and should not lose luster and shine before a certain period of time; in addition to this, they should be resistant to rusting to an extent, at least if not wholly.

Make sure to check the inside of the helmet immediately after getting your hands on it, as there can be cases of discoloring and distortions from the inside. Make sure you are not being cheated on any front.

Making your own Conquistador helmet:

There is plenty of easy-to-do content available on the internet that shows how to make these helmets from cardboard and foam cutting. You can get plenty of help from the internet and make the helmet to the best of your ability.

As there are plenty of cheap and fraudulent activities going on in the online world, therefore, buy the product of your choice based on your budget and ensure that it is being purchased from a reliable place and not somewhere sketchy.