Doom Helmets – How to Buy Them?

We live in a time where video games have taken over the imagination of the youth and the grown-ups. The dynamics and overall presentation brought about by some of these games have made it such that the imagination and believability of those scenarios have become a thing to ponder upon.

‘The portal to hell opened on Mars in 1993 when a secret military teleportation operation went haywire. It was up to a sole marine, Doom guy, who was posted on a dead-end assignment to keep a check on the radioactive waste facility run by the Union of Aerospace Corporation (UAC) to stop the demon invasion.’ This was the basic premise of the top-rated 1990s game called ‘Doom’ which drew upon the idea of humanity being threatened by demons and only a righteous man with courage and minimal firearms could save the earth and take revenge for the compatriots that died.

Here is how you can tell that a game is a bit hit when they keep pumping out newer versions to satisfy the demands of their upcoming fans, and this has been a case for the Doom franchise, which in addition to the three original classic installments, went on to make several spinoffs, boardgames, movies based on the video game and even rebooted the franchise in 2016.

The design of the game was one of the biggest takeaways from the popular franchise; from the demons to the environment and from the villains to the hero, all were very well costumed. Speaking of the hero, one thing that caught the attention of the people and later became a big part of pop culture is the headgear worn by the protagonist, which came to be known as the ‘Doom helmet.’

The Legacy of Doom:

As already mentioned, the Doom franchise had many different media outputs other than the original video game series, comics being one of the major ones. In the time when it was a trend that the first comic books came and then their game adaptations, the Doom franchise reversed the chronological order. In terms of weaponry and cheat codes, the game inspired and eventually influenced many upcoming video games in modeling their equipment and costumes.

Doom was one of the most popular first-person shooters game of its time. It can be majorly credited for having had a significant impact on the other upcoming first-person shooter franchises, so much so that till 1996, several video games that came out were known as Doom clones rather than first-person shooters because of the inspiration they took from it.

Pop culture embraced the game in every way imaginable, from movies to board games and what have you. There are dedicated Doom community of gamers who constantly try to one-up one another in terms of speed runs and whatnot. The labyrinth creatures, the portal on Phobos, and the future setting all paved the way for future game-developing companies and corporations to adopt and develop on the already existing idea provided by Doom.

The appeal of the Game:

The game is often cited as one of the greatest and most significant games ever created in gaming history, selling over 3.5 million copies by 1999. It was estimated at that time that around 10 to 20 million people were playing the game within the first two years of its launch of the game. In 1995, it was stated that the game was installed on more computers than Microsoft’s Windows 95 operating system. The success of the 1st installment led to the production and success of the following two installments of the main series as well.

The 3D graphics and online outburst of the game were next level and are often credited to have inspired a lot of developers to upgrade their skill level. The franchise also sold a handful of clothing, t-shirts, costumes, roleplaying gear such as the pistol used by the Doom Slayer and the famous Doom helmet worn by him, and other merchandise based on the game.

Doom helmet – A gamer’s delight:

A gamer from the 1990s will know the true value of an original Doom slayer helmet. The authentic replica would contain the entire set piece containing the glass in the front, full extensions on the back and side, and the muzzle on the mouth portion.

The advanced and modern look offered to the helmet made it look more than just a helmet made to protect the head. Rather an advanced device that could be used to navigate and communicate, as shown in the game itself. All of which made the helmet look like something from a hi-tech future.

The helmets worn by the Doom slayer were one of their kind. They later inspired different game developers to make helmets that were aesthetically similar to the Doom helmet, the most notable being the Halo helmet worn by Master chief. The eering similarity in the design of the helmets is quite evident.

Types of Doom Helmet:

The Doom helmets have, over the years, seen many variations in the market thanks to their popularity and plot-wise progression of the main series; this has led to the availability of a variety of Doom helmets being up on the market, some of which are going to be mentioned below;

  • Doom Slayer foamed helmet
  • Doom guy full head Mask
  • Classic Doom helmet
  • XCOSER game Resin Doom helmet
  • Doom mask eternal helmet

The above list is made in the increasing order of the price point they have in the online market. All of the variations mentioned above, except the first one, are made from the top quality resin as the fabric used, and some of them are combined with PVC in order to provide strength and structure to the helmet.

Know what you are buying it for:

The Doom helmet has been a part of the life of the majority of 1990s and 1980s kids. Due to the newer installment by the parent company of the game, even newer generations are slowly but surely becoming a fan of the game and franchise on the whole.

It would help if you made up your mind on what purpose you are going to buy the helmet for. This can then dictate which kind would be perfect for you. For instance, buy a lightweight foam that can be taken on and off conveniently if you are looking for a great Halloween costume.

On the other hand, if you are an aficionado of gaming and collect helmets with a passion. You must go for the high-priced ones as they are able to capture the most details out of the lot and also show the scratches and damage taken by Doom slayer along the way of slaying demons and their strongholds.

Finding your perfect doom helmet!

Make a choice beforehand on what kind of helmets you want to buy, and this will make it that much easier for you to narrow it down to your desired result. As mentioned earlier, the built quality and material used determine the price of the helmet, and you have to be sure of what version of the helmet you want to buy. Roleplaying, cosplaying, Halloween costume, or a fancy dress party. Be sure to slay it all with the perfect choice of Doom helmet.

If you do not happen to find a version that you were looking for, then the technology has also come where you can develop the 3D image of the helmet by yourself and then get it modeled out. Then there is always that learning part where you can decide to construct your helmet with cardboards through multiple tutorials available on the internet.

Stuff to check on the helmet beforehand:


Doom helmets are not something that has historical accuracy or physical evidence of being in existence; there is often the chance of you being fooled into buying anything being sold by the seller, therefore make sure you are firm on your knowledge of the helmet and do not fall into the hand of the seller.

You must only buy the product after making sure it is the one you had been searching for, make sure it’s authentic and is being provided by a legit seller, and check on the delivery charges applied if you are buying from a website or an online window.

Check for any damage to the product and that there should not be discoloring and unnecessary denting found on the helmet; if any of these are there, return it or replace it as soon as possible. Also, the material used to make it and the feel for wearing it should be there.

Wrapping up:

A doom helmet is not something you would use day in and day out; thus, what you intend to get is something that can enhance the beauty of your collector’s table, given its well-reputed place in history books of video games. Get the helmet best suited for your choice of requirement and simultaneously ensure the qualities mentioned above.