Why You Need A Full-Face Mountain Bike Helmet

Riding in the mountains surrounded by nature and the cool breeze touching your face has to be one of the best feelings ever. Whether you do it for recreation purposes or as a sport, mountain biking is truly lots of fun and is perfect for people who love to indulge themselves in adventure. But, like any other adventure sport, this also comes with its own risk of injuries. They are usually minor and less common than traffic accidents, but riding in terrain does require you to take adequate precautions.

A helmet is one of the best protective gear you can use to keep yourself safe in this situation. But there is an overwhelming variety available for people to choose from, which can be pretty confusing. The best option in this scenario has to be a full-face mountain bike helmet. Since one would be riding in the mountains, where there will be rocks and rough surfaces, something that gives complete protection is a must. In this guide, you will come to understand why you need a full-face helmet on your next biking trip to the mountains.

Covers Larger Area

Mountain bike helmets are usually of two main types: Full Face and Half Shell ones. And one of the stark differences between them is the amount of coverage they offer. While a half-shell one might be more commonly used, a full-face is ideal for most situations and covers your entire head. It can bear more violent and powerful accidents and protect not just the skull but also the face.

It covers the entire head and neck area, providing ample coverage and protection from possible accidents and forces of nature like wind and rain. In the mountains, the weather keeps changing all the time, and there is mud and dirt. There are also small insects that can get into your eye. It can help greatly with that.

It is also great for those people who are more concerned about their safety and do not care much about the weight or ventilation of the helmet. Its design has made it slightly heavy, but there is also increased protection one will be getting.

Strong Build

These helmets also have a much stronger build quality since they are designed for intense and rough usage. BMX riders are some of the most common types of riders who use these helmets. Enduro riders also use these since they need more protection than regular trail riders. These are made of premium quality materials like ABS and polycarbonate, which are not easily damaged and can easily handle strong impact.

Also, unlike half-shell helmets, the foam in these is properly cased in the shell. This helps in better impact absorption and hence, better protection. Their structure and design also allow for better resistance, and you can also add extra accessories to make it even more functional. So whether riding at high speeds down the terrain or taking jumps from higher places, these helmets will keep one protected and won’t break easily.

Better Protection

As mentioned before, when it comes to mountain biking, many people prefer to go for half-shell or open-face helmets because they are much more lightweight. But that also means that the person wearing it is not completely protected. Their face and neck are still open to injuries. These helmets are also much more likely to come off if they are hit with a strong impact. So, even though they are much lighter, they don’t guarantee 100% of your safety. They also come with pretty light padding inside, which isn’t enough unless you are just a trail rider.

Also, the main purpose of a helmet is to provide enough protection. So, a full-face helmet will keep you the safest if you are riding at high speeds or are met with an unfortunate crash. It also comes with a face shield, which helps in protecting the eyes from harsh sun rays and dirt splashes that can disrupt the eyesight. It also prevents sharp objects from hitting your face directly if you fall face down on a rough surface. People also often wear goggles with these for that added protection.

Aesthetic Looks

These helmets are also used for regular on-road biking and come in various colors and designs. So you not only get quality but aesthetics as well. From retro to classic looks, the options are truly endless. Since these cover your entire head, they look very cool when you put them on, and you can also match your bike and gear together.

Many people usually prefer the look of these helmets because they work well with both mountain bikes and motorcycles. Many also often wear their motorcycle helmet instead of these because they are much more convenient and cost-effective. But before doing this, it is essential to ensure that it is not too heavy and has decent ventilation, or else the riding experience won’t be all that pleasant.

You can find something for both men and women, including many unisex options. There is always the choice of customization, and you can add stickers to make it more personalized. However, you can’t experiment with the design and looks of open-face helmets as much. So, if aesthetics matter to you, a full-face helmet is perfect.

Perfect For Intense Riding

With high speed, the higher the chances are of injuries. If you ride fast or participate in downhill races, then this helmet is something you must have. It is specially designed for intense and extreme riding and is thoroughly tested by companies to ensure the rider’s safety. It provides far better coverage as it also protects your ears and the rear part of your face.

This helmet is also known to be the best for preventing injuries to the face. The additional protection it provides helps reduce possible trauma if you land on a rock or rough trail. Enduro and downhill racers are the ones who usually use this because their races are much more dangerous than regular mountain biking.

Chin Bar

Most of these helmets come with a chin bar because this is where many injuries happen. The damage from these injuries can be quite severe or even fatal. The chin bar helps absorb the force and prevents your skull from any damage. But if you are not a huge fan of it yet still want the protection, then you can go for hybrid helmets with a removable chin bar.


The above information shows that a full-face bike helmet is the best choice if protection is your foremost priority. It comes with its setbacks, but with time, many changes and significant improvements have been made. And with this, the benefits have far outweighed its cons.

Hybrid helmets are also available in the market and are the perfect blend of the two main types of helmets. These offer the protection and security of a full-face helmet but are as lightweight and comfortable as an open-face helmet. So, if you want an in-between of the two, you can go with these. But, the weight of modern full-face helmets has also been significantly reduced, with an increase in ventilation, making them a great choice for bikers. But it is still very important to consider one’s riding needs first to make the right purchase.