German Style Motorcycle Helmet: Buying Guide

German Motorcycle helmets are some of the very well-renowned helmets among motorcycle enthusiasts and look distinct and unique from the rest. They have a turtle shell kind of look and sit like a cap on your head. They are not a recent phenomenon but go back to world war time. The style is inspired by the combat helmets used by the military forces back then, and the design became increasingly popular with time.

You can wear them with any two-wheeler, be it a scooter or a sports bike. These were generally sold as “Novelty helmets,” but certified helmets are also available that are legal to wear in the US. So, if this helmet is on your wishlist and you want to know all the necessary information before making the purchase, this guide is for you.

Design And Comfort

A German-style helmet has quite a different design from your regular helmets. It does not have full coverage and does not come with a face shield either. This is because it is inspired by the appearance of the classic World War II helmets. So if you are planning on going on long trips or riding your bikes at a greater speed, you would have to get an additional face shield. More than protection, this helmet is generally used for style.

It is available in various materials and finishes like calfskin, carbon fiber, or leather, so there is something for everyone. It does carry significant historical meaning, but you can easily customize it without losing its originality because the shape remains the same.

Also, because of its design, it is significantly lighter than others. But it is essential to get your right fit, or else it won’t sit well on your head and can fall easily. Make use of a measuring tape and then pick a size according to the size chart. Overall, it is pretty comfortable.

Durability Of These Helmets

As mentioned before, these are not the best if you are specifically looking for something that will give you a lot of protection. But the helmet, in general, is pretty durable. It is usually made of carbon fiber, which is quite heavy-duty and offers excellent resilience. It is its design that hampers its protection.

It has an outer shell with padding inside, but its coverage is not the best. You will most likely have to use something else for added protection. Yellow and blue-tinted goggles can be good options. It also has a chin strap, which helps keep the helmet in place. Despite the durability, it does not guarantee your safety. There is always a chance of you hitting yourself in an unprotected area or it coming off. That is why the fit must be snug, so you get the most amount of protection.

DOT Approved

In the US, helmets must be DOT approved. There are so many brands making german style helmets, but not all are legal. You will find a DOT label on all certified helmets. This label is proof that the product has been thoroughly tested and is suitable for motorcycles.

This is very important because many of these are just replicas of German military helmets and don’t even meet the basic legal standards. These uncertified novelty helmets are not as safe as DOT ones and are just for looks. So if you don’t want to get into legal trouble and wish to buy a good quality helmet that provides good protection, then make sure you get it from a trusty brand that only sells DOT-approved helmets.

Problems You Might Face

Knowing about the cons of a product is equally as crucial as its pros. Before buying, you should know what problems you might face with it. Doing this will prepare you for what you can expect and help you make the right decision. Here are a couple of things you must know:

Not Suitable For High-Speed Rides

If you ride a high-speed motorcycle or are a racer, then this helmet is not for you. Its design is such that it can easily fall off, especially if you get the wrong size. It can also come off if you are hit with a strong impact.


Unless you don’t find a good quality helmet from a renowned company, most of these can be quite flimsy. That is why it is crucial to check whether it is certified or not so that it is safe and legal to be worn as a motorcycle helmet.

Lack Of Coverage

Another downside of this helmet is that it does not protect your entire head. It only covers the top part, and the rest is unprotected. That is why you cannot rely on it entirely and expect it to give you 100% protection.

Are These Better Than Other Helmets?

If we talk about style, these are definitely much more unique. But since style is subjective, they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. These are primarily for those who love the classic military helmet design and want something different than the regular motorcycle ones.

When it comes to protection, it depends upon the brand. Some make premium quality helmets, while others might just be selling them for the looks. Getting a DOT-approved one will be a lot better than buying a novelty helmet because of the amount of safety it will offer you.

So if you wonder whether this one is better than other helmets, it totally depends on the person and his needs. Some might enjoy this, whereas some might prefer to use a regular motorcycle helmet. As we said before, this is for bikers who love military designs. But if you are planning on getting it for protection, it won’t work the best, and you should go for other options.


German Style helmets have amassed great popularity throughout history. But not all of them are good to be worn while riding. As we said before, you must always go for a DOT-approved one because it is essential for your safety. Carefully go through your options and buy according to your needs and requirement.