Helmet Bag – An Ultimate Buying Guide

Helmets are something that protects our heads. They are essentially the most essential and valuable protective item that one can get for their safety. The primary purpose of the helmet is to safeguard the head, the body’s most vital organ. A piece of equipment this important needs to be kept with good care as well because then only will it be able to last a long time and provide its services for longer.

The helmet provides safety to scores of people who use different types of helmets for various purposes, and some might be using it for a bike ride. In contrast, others may wear it as a part of their protective sports gear, and the rest could need to ensure safety while performing high-risk activities.

Why buy a helmet bag?

The question of the point of buying a helmet could arise in many people’s minds because one often relates a helmet as something that protects, and why would something that protects need protection in the first place? But this is a big misconception; the value of buying an appropriate helmet bag for your helmet/helmets can not be underestimated.

A helmet bag can prevent regular dust from accumulating on the helmet, which can be fairly tough given the fine particles that are getting out into the environment. And if one tries too hard to remove them, one might end up damaging the helmet one way or another. Unnecessary scratches on the helmets can cause a sense of disturbance in the user; using a helmet bag eliminates this possibility and can even safeguard the helmet from substantial damage.

A helmet bag could help in carrying the otherwise tough-to-carry helmets reasonably quickly, thanks to its convenience of having straps. Numerous people prefer to take their equipment wherever they go, and getting a helmet bag is a no-brainer.

Things to look for while using a helmet bag:

Before one gets their hand on a helmet bag, it is important to note down some of their very essential characteristics as they could potentially determine how effective they will be in providing protection to the helmets. Following are some of the crucial points to keep in mind in order to buy a suitable helmet bag;

The material used for manufacturing the bag

This is possibly the most crucial thing to keep in mind before buying a helmet bag. The material used for manufacturing the bag should be durable to the point that they are able to last for a more extended period, combined with its ability to work at its very best without much wear and tear. The fabric used determines a whole of things about the bags; hence going for a polymer combined bag is a wiser choice than a pure clothing fabric-based helmet bag.

Being water resistant

This is another one of the best looked-for features in helmet bags. This feature determines that the bag can fulfill its purpose through rigorous weather like heavy rain, hail, or snow. The zippers also need to be water resistant because they are often the ones that get worse affected by the rain/water. Then they give up their ability to slide conveniently and become a significant liability.

Easy to install

The bag should be manufactured, so it is not a hassle to tie it to a motorcycle or bicycle. They should be convenient enough to be carried out even through long journeys on a train or a flight. The movement of any individual should not be hindered due to the helmet bag.

The strips and buckles

The helmet bag should have a properly cushioned strip that does not cause any more pressure on the shoulder than it should. This would ease the load of carrying the helmets, which are on the heavier side of the spectrum. The buckles should be such that they are easy to fasten and unfasten.

The weight and measure of the bag

The bag’s weight plays a vital role in determining whether to buy it. Although it can be a preferential thing in general, one ought to look for bags which are not weigh anything over 2 lbs because it will only add to the weight of the helmet being already present there.

These are some of the most critical points to keep in mind while buying a helmet bag, irrespective of the purpose for which it is being purchased. The person buying it should have a precise knowledge of what the helmet needs to do to fulfill the desired requirement of that individual.

Some additional things to check on when buying them:

Apart from the essential features that are being kept in mind, these are the secondary features that could help one decide which bag to buy and which to skip. Some of those features are mentioned below;

  • Practicality and versatility – No one buys a helmet bag for the sole purpose of using it as a helmet bag; there is n number of other things one would want to put in there as long as the bag can carry the helmet in it, so the bags should have multiple compartments to store stuff like waterbottles, small electronica, and other such items. The helmet should be easy to put in and take out.
  • Comfortability – The padding on the bag decides whether they are able to give adequate comfort to the person carrying it. For short-distance travels, comfort may not matter, but it is of paramount importance for longer ones.
  • Carrying capacity – The helmet bag should hold onto the helmet easily and have enough room for other stuff to be kept. The more the carrying capacity, the better it is for the player or traveler because no one likes having to hold multiple things at once.
  • Charging ports – With the advancement in technologies, there have been introductions of Bluetooth helmets, and to help those tech-savvy people, the helmet bags are now able with a charging port themselves.
  • Design – The design of the helmet is a critical point that could trigger the will it buy a helmet bag. In terms of build design, the bag should be streamlined in the sense that it can be carried at high speeds without acting as a counterproductive element.
  • Graphics and Colour combination/variations – The graphical design on the helmet is up to the buyer’s choice; the design should be such that it shows off the user’s personality and looks excellent aesthetically to the onlookers. The colors of the helmet bags are, again, something that is solely up to the buyer’s choice; hence something that the buyer likes ought to be taken more care of than something bought just out of necessity.

As mentioned earlier, these features are something that is solely dependent on the user and is to cater to the likes and dislikes of the user. Therefore they should be paid heed only after the primary features are met comfortably.


Helmet bags are a secondary product brought bout by those people who are to use helmets a lot in their lives there, for instance, avid biking enthusiasts, travelers, sportspersons, etc. For them, the helmet bought mustn’t be done thoughtlessly; giving due process to build quality and the features will ensure that the bag lasts for years and the helmet being kept inside get to do the same. Therefore being about the decision could save a few extra bucks from the pocket quite comfortably.