Helmet Hair & The Best Way To Avoid

If you are someone who commutes on his bike daily or simply enjoys cycling around town in the morning, then you must definitely wear a helmet. It is a foolproof way to keep yourself safe, but your hair does end up looking like a crow’s nest afterward. This can feel especially painful when you are going to a special event or have to attend a professional meeting. The time spent making your hair neat and presentable goes to waste, and now your mood is ruined.

Many things can cause helmet hair. It can be the type of helmet you wear, your hair texture, or the weather. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to help you avoid this problem, but a lot of them are also gimmicky and don’t actually end up working. Here we have given all the relevant information and will also let you know the best way to avoid this problem.

Basic Definition Of Helmet Hair

This is a term used to define the flat and messy look of the hair caused after wearing and removing a helmet. This happens because a helmet cuts off any air source and traps heat and moisture inside, making the hair appear flat. It can be pretty annoying, but you don’t have to worry because this is an extremely common problem that almost everyone faces.

You can get this whether you are wearing a motorcycle helmet or a bicycle helmet. It can be caused by anything that traps your hair and restricts its natural flow. The type of helmet you wear and its material can also be a major reason for this issue. There are hundreds of ways to go about it, but you might just have to try a few and see what works best for you.

Hair Damage And Hairfall From Helmets

Helmets can not only make your hair flat and greasy but can also damage them. Many people have reported that they have experienced hair loss and damage after wearing it for a long time every day. This medical condition is known as Traction Alopecia and can happen when your hair gets pulled for elongated periods. Using the wrong type and size of helmet can also aggravate this issue.

A tight and uncomfortable helmet will lead to excess sweating. Since there is little to no air getting in, your scalp can act as a breeding ground for bacteria, which can lead to dandruff and further hair loss. That is why it is so important to wear the right helmet to prevent constant hair pulling and maintain healthy hair.

Right Way To Put On A Helmet

How you put on your helmet can also majorly affect the way your hair looks. It should fit well but should not be too tight or uncomfortable. While wearing it, always put it from above your head, not sideways, so it does not move. Make sure it does not touch your crown, and the cheek padding is comfortably sitting on your cheeks.

The way it fits and how much it moves can make or break your hairstyle. That is why even stylists recommend people invest in the right quality helmet and wear it the right way. This can also help in preventing hair loss and hair damage.

Tips To Avoid Helmet Hair

Even though this problem can be annoying and can also reduce your confidence, you need not worry too much as there are many ways you can help prevent it. Here are some tips that will help you:

  • Wearing A Helmet On Dry Hair: This is a great way to protect yourself from helmet hair. Make sure to dry your hair thoroughly before putting on any headgear because your hair is much more susceptible to damage when it is wet. You can also consider investing in a hair dryer if you have no time and it falls under your budget.
  • Moisturizing: This is an aftercare step that you can follow to help you with this problem. You can use a hydrating conditioner or a hair mask every now and then to maintain your hair’s texture and prevent any hair damage.
  • Regular Washing: It is essential to wash your hair using good quality shampoo regularly. It will help you eliminate greasiness from sweat, dirt, and germs that might be brooding inside. Doing this will help you maintain the look of your hair even after regularly wearing a helmet.
  • Using The Right Helmet: If you hate the look of helmet hair, then always use a clean and perfectly fitting helmet. If it hangs on the side or keeps moving, it will further aggravate the issue.

The Best Option

There are many more ways to fix or prevent helmet hair than the ones mentioned above, but if you want a simple yet foolproof method, this is it. It would probably be the best option for most people as it is readily available and easy to use. This ultimate solution is known as a helmet cap. The friction caused when your helmet moves over your head can damage your hair and make it look frizzy. This acts like a layer of protection between your hair and the helmet. You can easily wear it with your hair down as well.

The reason why it is the best option is because of its accessibility and simplicity. You can easily throw it on, which is especially great when you are on a time crunch. But while buying one, getting a soft cotton cap is better as it is much more gentle on the hair.


Even though getting helmet hair might seem like an annoying problem that doesn’t simply go away, it is not all that uncommon. The one thing you can possibly do is follow proper steps to help avoid it. But this does not mean you shouldn’t wear a helmet at all. It helps in keeping you safe and also protects you from life-threatening injuries. That is why you must always wear one, but make sure it is the right fit.