Need a New Helmet? Check Out This Size Chart First

All of us must have seen different safety sign boards on roads while traveling. No matter who you are, your age, or your level of experience in driving a motorcycle, ice-board, scooter, or any vehicle that doesn’t have a solid roof to protect you, it is essential and advisable for you to save your head by wearing a helmet. There are various rules related to road safety and helmets that citizens must abide by.

People who ride bikes and scooters on a daily basis are at higher risk of accidents. Head injuries can be serious and can cause death in severe cases. According to the data of, helmet reduces the risk of brain and head injury by 60-80%. Distance should not be a criterion for wearing a helmet; it should be worn during every ride, whether long or short. Many accidents occur near residential areas when it comes to children, and they should wear helmets while cycling or riding.

Why right size helmet is required?

One of the main requirements of a protective bicycle helmet is a solid protective layer that can last longer. A loose helmet may fit poorly and get displaced during daily use or even ejected during an accident. This piece of content is aimed at looking out for characteristics that influence the shape and size of the helmet, factors that influence adjustment and position, and other effects that result in the stability of the product.

The stability of a helmet in an accident or crash is crucial for its performance because it ensures optimum head coverage. Several crash tests measure the helmet’s strength and endurance. It tells us how the helmet will hold its place on the head without rotating or tilting uncomfortably. Loose or light helmets might move in a forward or backward direction and cause disturbance while riding on the road. As a result, the head is at greater risk in these situations because the forehead is open and encounters direct impact.

In the following paragraphs, some important guidelines will help you simplify the buying process.

Steps for choosing the appropriate helmet size

There are some basics you may want to follow to select an ideal size of the helmet.

Identify your head shape.

Before getting on with the helmet size, you should know what head you have, how to measure it, and which helmet is appropriate. There are majorly three kinds of head shapes.

  • Long oval – In this kind of head shape, the head’s front-to-back measurement is greater than the side-to-side measurement by a more significant margin. This scale should be kept in type while purchasing the helmet.
  • Intermediate oval – This type of measurement is when the length of your face from side to side is slightly less than the length from forehead to chin. This is also one of the essential aspects that will help you choose the right product.
  • Round oval – This type of head shape is almost similar to a long oval shape; the only difference is that the size of the head from top to bottom is a bit longer than the side-to-side measurement of the face. Before buying your helmet, check if your head shape falls under this category.

After checking the head shape, one thing you need before buying the helmet is to check the circumference of your head. You can do it easily with the help of a measuring tape. You can do it with a thread if you don’t have the video. Wrap the yarn around your head multiple times to get a rough idea of the circumference. Measuring the head is one of the most critical steps in buying a helmet.

Choose a helmet style

The Helmets are available in various styles and designs, and every helmet comes with different sets of features and benefits according to the rider’s needs.

Some people want all-around protection, and some prefer half-face models. Some options are mentioned below.

  • Full-face helmets: Full-face helmets are customized with a face shield for protecting the ear and nose. There’s an extension that helps in protecting the chin and jaw. It’s the most protective helmet.
  • Open-face helmets: These are the least protective as they allow dirt and air to flow in and are open at the front, hence the name.
  • ADV dual sport helmet: These have a classic street and dirt combination.
  • Modular helmets: These convertible helmets allow riders to choose between open and full-face helmets.
  • Half-Head Helmets: These helmets are not very popular and unsafe to use. Its only advantage is that it offers clear and wide-range visibility.

Identify the size

You should find your head’s circumference and size for the same. After that, you have to look at the size chart mentioned below. You can also refer to the helmet size by standardized age group data, but it needs to be more accurate. You can convert the values into millimeters if you want an mm helmet size chart.

This chart is for adults only and will help you categorize helmets and choose them precisely. Sizes for kid helmets vary because of a wide range of head sizes.

X-Small 6-5/8 – 6-3/4 53-54 cm
Small 6-7/8 – 7 55-56 cm
Medium 7-1/8 – 7-1/4 57-58 cm
Large 7-3/8 – 7-1/2 59-60 cm
X-Large 7-5/8 – 7-3/4 61-62 cm
2X-Large 7-7/8 – 8 63-64 cm
3X-Large 8-1/8 – 8-1/4 65-66 cm
4X-Large 8-3/8 – 8-1/2 67-68 cm
5X-Large 8-5/8 – 8-3/4 69-70 cm


Buying a helmet

Nowadays, people can buy a helmet based on their size, whether purchasing it online or going for the in-store option. If you opt for the offline option, you can ask the in-store sales representative to help you get the correct fit for your head. If it’s a three-tier store with no representative, you can try multiple sizes and check which fits easily and is comfortable to wear. When you are going for the online option, and the helmet you bought doesn’t work right, there is no need to worry; you can always re-order a different size or cancel it.

Always check the product exceptionally well; there should not be any spot that might create extra pressure at later stages on your skull. The size chart mentioned above will help you select the correct one. If the helmet is loose and you can’t return it, you can fix it by adding an inner layer that might fit accurately. Getting a helmet of the right size is mandatory by the law and is also essential for your safety.

Try it on

People should try to wear the helmet for at least 20 minutes to half an hour to get the feel. The tightness of the helmet should be checked thoroughly because it helps in keeping the head in one position. If it doesn’t fit your head correctly, you can opt for a size more significant than the previous one. If the helmet is comfy and fits correctly, you do not need to strangle yourself.

Helmets used for other purposes

There are different kinds of helmets used for other purposes. Every helmet is made to protect people from impact, which might cause severe injuries to the cranial part or brain. Some helmets are equipped or customized to perform other functions too.

  • Airline pilot helmets: These are used by pilots, which along with protecting their heads under high speed and pressure, also help them breathe. According to the Aviation Helmet Standards of United States Department Of Interior, the average size range of pilot helmet is between 53-56 cm for small size and 58-60 cm for large. It also depends on the model of different brands.
  • Cricket Helmet: These helmets are used by cricketers, that protect them from high-speed leather balls. These are divided into categories, for juniors it’s around 53-54 cm, for young ones it’s 56-58 cm, and for adults the circumference goes up to 60-62 cm.
  • Military Helmets: Since ancient times, helmets have protected soldiers from spears and arrows. And nowadays, they are better quality and can even endure a bullet attack. These kind of helmets with the specification of “shell”. Small shell is in the range of 53-54 cm, medium size is 57-58 cm, and large is of 60 cm and above.
  • Industry Helmets: These kinds of helmets are used in the industry by engineers and workers. It protects them from debris and chemicals and, surprisingly, for spotting someone. Industrial safety helmets come in the range of 53-54 cm for short, 56-58 for medium, and 60-61 for large size.

All the helmets fall under similar size range on an average but it also depends on different brands.


Helmets are the need of the hour for all the riders. People should choose it wisely and save themselves from any improbable. Everyone should get their sizes checked and find one good fit for themselves. It’s a bit overwhelming to choose the correct size, but it would be worth it when they see that perfect on-ride partner for all the journeys.