How to Make Your Own Loki Helmet

Among the variety of cosplay-style helmets, the Loki helmet is perhaps one of the most popular helmets many people would like to wear. You can wear Loki’s helmet at various cosplay events and various occasions, such as Halloween, birthday, and so on.

The Loki helmet also has its own unique characteristics that will make you stand out when you wear it. This guide will provide you with the basic information on how to make your own Loki helmet.

What is a Loki Helmet?

Loki is a popular character in various superhero movies, such as those made by Marvel. He wears a helmet with two long horns, which has its own unique characteristics. Loki helmet is the helmet Loki wears, with its two long horns and unique features. The good news about this helmet is that you can make your own Loki helmet instead of spending hundreds of dollars just to get one.

You can create your own Loki helmet if you have some time to spare, some hand-picked materials, and some crafting skills. The basic material to create Loki’s helmet is cardboard, which is the lightweight material that allows you to wear the helmet with comfort. Of course, there are other materials you can try, but as a starter, a cardboard material is the best and cheapest material you can use to craft your own Loki helmet.

The Reasons to Make Your Own Loki Helmet

Why should you make your own Loki helmet? Yes, you can find various Loki helmets from various professional crafters online, but the prices for these Loki helmets can go through the roof.

So, it would be better for you to save some money and make your own Loki helmet at home. Here are the reasons to make your own Loki helmet:

  • Pick your own materials. You can make your own Loki helmet with your own material of choice. It means you can pick the materials that will fit best with your budget and with the quality you would like to achieve. By picking your own materials, you can control the way you would fashion the Loki helmet later.
  • Cheaper price than to buy the premium Loki helmet products. Most Loki helmet products you can buy online today will cost hundreds of dollars. Depending on their quality and craftsmanship, some Loki helmets can also cost thousands of dollars. Of course, it’s ok for you to spend that much money on a Loki helmet. However, by making your own Loki helmet, you can put the cost down to the bare minimum.
  • Best for you to learn the art of hand crafting. Creating your own Loki helmet can also help you learn the art of hand crafting. The more you polish your skills in your crafts, the more proficient you will be. You can proceed on creating other helmet types once you achieve success in making your own Loki helmet.
  • Best for use on various occasions. You can use Loki’s helmet on various occasions. For instance, you can use it during the Halloween celebration. You can also use this helmet during cosplay events. There are various uses for this Loki helmet, so you can bring your best Loki helmet on various occasions.

Preparations You Need to Make before Creating the Loki Helmet

Before making the Loki helmet, it’s important for you to prepare all the required materials, so that you don’t need to stop in the middle just because of lack of materials to work with. You will use the cardboard material as the primary frame for the Loki helmet, so you will need to prepare as many cardboards as you need. Here are some preparations you need to make before creating the Loki helmet:

  • Loki helmet template design. The first thing you need to get is the Loki helmet template design, which you can find online. There are many template designs for Loki helmets you can download from various websites, and you can print them out later to make your own Loki helmet with it.
  • Paintbrush. You will need to use a paintbrush to paint your Loki helmet. So, it’s important for you to get the paint colors for the helmet ready before you start the crafting process.
  • Foam. Foam is important to give a bulky accent to the Loki helmet, which you will use on top of the cardboard. It is also a good way to cover for the connection between each part of the helmet, so that it will look even more unified. You can also use clay with the foam to make an even stronger connection between each helmet part.
  • Scissors. You will need this to cut the design template and before putting them on the cardboard. You can use either scissors or cutters for this purpose.
  • Glue. You will need to keep each helmet part stuck You will need to use a strong glue for this purpose. Also, you shouldn’t use any weak glue for this.
  • Cardboard. This is the primary material you will use for your Loki helmet. It is a material that is quite sturdy and lightweight to use, and it is also easy for you to work with. Of course, you can replace the material for a more premium one if you have the budget for it.

Steps to Create Your Own Loki Helmet

Creating your own Loki helmet will take quite some time for you to complete. You can follow the steps to create your own Loki helmet and take your time to complete each step as best as you can. Here are the steps to create your own Loki helmet:

  • Download the design template for the Loki helmet and print them. There are various Loki helmet design templates you can get online from various websites. You just need to download the template that you prefer, and then you will need to print them out. Each template will carry their own crafting instructions, so you can craft the Loki helmet with ease.
  • Cut down the Loki helmet design according to the template. After printing, you can cut down the Loki helmet design according to the template instruction. You will need to cut down each part of the Loki helmet design, so you can put them on the cardboard.
  • Put each Loki helmet design cutout on top of the cardboard. By using glue, you can put each Loki helmet design cutout on top of the cardboard. Make sure that you prepare enough cardboard for you to put all the design parts on top of it.
  • Cut the cardboard by following the design template. Next, you need to cut the cardboard based on the design template you have put on it. You will get the cutout of design parts for the Loki helmet on the cardboard, which you can build later.
  • Stick each part together by following the template instruction. By following the template instruction, stick each part together to form a Loki helmet. Do this one by one for each helmet part. Use a strong glue to stick each part, so that they will stay sticky all the time.
  • Add foam or clay on top of each connection to add more stickiness to them. To add more stickiness to the helmet parts, you can add foam or clay on the part connections to make them even more sticky and durable.
  • Paint the Loki helmet according to the Loki helmet color design. Now that the backbone helmet design is complete, you can paint the helmet exterior and interior using the paintbrush. You will need to use the colors that match best with the Loki helmet design, so be sure to prepare enough paint for each color.
  • Dry the paint and try the helmet. Next, you can dry the paint after you have done painting all the areas of the Loki helmet. After a few hours, you can try the helmet and use it for various purposes.

Additional Tips

There are some additional tips you need to keep in mind when making your own Loki helmet. Follow these additional tips:

  • Be sure to download the Loki helmet template based on your head size. Measure your head size first before crafting the Loki helmet, so that you can get the right size.
  • Store the Loki helmet in a clean and dry place, and avoid putting your Loki helmet in the place where there’s too much moisture or potential water leak.
  • You can use different materials for the Loki helmet depending on your budget and the quality of the helmet you would like to achieve. The better the materials, the more the Loki helmet will look like a premium-quality helmet.


You have learned the basic steps to make your own Loki helmet. With enough preparations, the right materials, and enough crafting skills, you can create your own Loki helmet, which you can use on various occasions. Also, you can display the helmet when you are not using it and don’t forget to store it at the right place to keep the helmet in its best condition.