Is It Legal to Use Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet?

The Mandalorian helmet is the most eye-catching part of the iconic armor seen in the Star Wars series Mandalorian. It is a significant part of the identity of the people living in that world, and its powers make it all that unique. Its design has made it a fan favorite, and people worldwide buy replicas to use for roleplay or to keep as a display in their collections.

Not just that, some people might consider wearing it as their motorcycle helmet. But the question is, can we? Yes, you can! But only if you get the one that is specifically designed to be used while riding a motorcycle. There are also specific legal provisions regarding the use of this helmet in some situations. To answer more on that, we have mentioned all the relevant information to help you in this guide.

Mandalorian Helmet For Riding

This helmet is not just to protect and keep the identity of its wearer hidden. It also comes with many other powers that help them survive in the dangerous world of Star Wars. Some of them are Tracking and seeing over great distances. Of course, you won’t get these powers in real life, but it does adds to its uniqueness and is what attracts most people to it.

The helmet in the show is an armor piece, not a motorcycle helmet. But, for fans in the real world who love to ride bikes, many companies have made helmets inspired by the original, and they are safe to use on the road.

Since it is essential to use a DOT-certified helmet in the US, you might be worried if these will work. But you can easily find ones that are both DOT and ECE-approved. You can use these while riding, and you won’t be fined.

Amount Of Protection It provides

The helmet is made from a fictional metal called Beskar Steel in the show. This steel is very strong and durable, but in reality, you will only be able to buy a replica. If you use a prop, it won’t offer much protection since it is not built for this purpose, but if you use an actual motorcycle helmet, you don’t need to worry much about whether it will keep you safe in case of an accident or not.

But like any other type of helmet, you cannot wholly rely on it. If you meet with an extreme accident, it will not guarantee you will be 100% safe. It will, however, significantly reduce the impact and prevent severe head injuries. So if you were wondering whether it provides enough protection, it does. You only have to ensure that you buy an actual bike helmet, not a display piece.

Usefulness Of A Mandalorian Motorcycle Helmet

Since you are buying it as a bike helmet, it will work just as that. You can’t expect it to give you powers like on the show. It is an advanced combat gear that is almost impossible for any weapon to cut through. But as an earthling, it will not prove to be much “useful” to you. However, it will look incredibly cool and protect you from accidents.

Plain replicas work well as a prop but can’t be used while riding. Unlike these, an actual motorcycle helmet can be used for both purposes. You can use it for roleplay as well as for safety. But if you only want a 100% replica, then make sure you don’t move it around a lot or use a replacement of a regular protective helmet.


Is it legal?

Since it is not a regular helmet, you might wonder whether it is legal to wear it or not. It mostly depends on what type you are using. If you use a proper motorcycle helmet, there is little to no restriction. But if you are simply using a replica that is not meant to be used while riding, it can have legal repercussions.

There are also certain trademark and licensing-related provisions that you must know before using this. If your helmet is not licensed and it is helping you generate some income, this can generate legal problems. You are also not allowed to use it in a way where you, either deliberately or accidentally, receive gifts. In layman’s words, you can use it in any way you want. You just can’t use it in a way that directly benefits from it.

Regarding traffic laws, what matters the most is that you are using a proper motorcycle helmet. In certain states, only DOT-approved helmets are allowed. Before buying, it would be better to do brief research and then decide.

Points To Remember

  • License: This is a factor you can consider before buying because Disney takes its licensing pretty seriously. But assuming that you won’t be using it for any direct personal gain, you don’t need to worry much about it.
  • Use: Always keep it clear what you will be using it for. If you are going to use it for riding, you cannot get a prop or a display replica. You will have to buy one clearly meant to be used and marketed as a motorcycle helmet.
  • Design: Since the actual one is a protective armor piece, its design will not be precisely the same if you get it as a motorcycle helmet. Certain changes will be there to accommodate the new shape, but the overall look will be the same. So, you will have to get a replica if you want a 100% exact piece.


If you wish to buy a Mandalorian helmet, there are a wide variety of options for you. But the critical thing to consider is the laws regarding it. With the information mentioned above, you now know what you can and cannot do with it, what type you should use, and some essential things to consider beforehand. In short, it is legal! It just has to be certified to be used while on the road.