MICH: Modular Integrated Communications Helmet-Buying Guide

The days when battles used to be fought by spears and arrows are long gone. The wars now are far more advanced and intense, and the need for good protective gear is higher than ever. Your head is a very sensitive part of your body, and an injury here can lead to severe damage and even be fatal. That is why protective helmets are so important for people in tactical and combat work.

They have been in use for some time now, and with the invention of new materials and technological advancements, many different types are available in the market now. One of the most commonly used ones is the MICH. It came after the classic PASGT as its new and improved version. Many others also hit the market after this, but it is widely used even now. So, if you are someone who wants to purchase this, then this guide is for you. Here is all the information that will help you make a smart purchase.

Features Of MICH

This helmet has been around for some time and is among the primary protective equipment used by the US military. It offers great protection and is also very comfortable to wear. Here are some of the most common features of a MICH helmet:

  • Impact Protection: Soldiers live in harsh environments and are always at high risk of getting hurt. This helmet not just gives ballistic protection but also prevents injuries from strong impact, so if the soldier falls or hits his head on a rough surface with force, he will not face any serious injuries.
  • Protection From Shrapnel: Other weapons like bombs are also used on a battlefield, and the impact from these can obliterate everything in their surroundings. Shards of metal also come flying and can injure soldiers. This helmet also protects from that.
  • Protection From Bullets: This helmet is known for its bulletproof property and is ideal for people at risk of getting hurt by firearms. It does not guarantee 100% safety but can easily protect you from smaller guns.
  • Lightweight: One of the major features of this helmet is its lightweight design, which is why it is preferred over many others. It can easily be worn for long hours without neck strain or discomfort. Because of this, there is also room for adding extra accessories to enhance its performance even further.

How Is It Different From PASGT?

MICH is commonly known for being the successor of PASGT, and major changes have been made in both of them. PASGT had a lot of drawbacks which were causing difficulties for the soldiers. Many advancements were also being made in weaponry, and soldiers needed something to accommodate that change. That is why an upgraded version was made and marketed as the MICH. This one had much more advanced features

For instance, one of the major differences between the two is the design. PASGT offers more coverage, whereas the latter provides above-ear protection. There is also a significant difference in the weight of the two helmets. PASGT is significantly heavier and can be difficult to wear for elongated periods. Also, MICH has a pad system instead of the nylon cord suspension system in the other helmet. Similar to these two, ACH and ECH also came into the market. These are the improved variants of the MICH and are widely used by the US military.

Protection Level

The level of protection offered by each military helmet can be different. Older helmets are not designed for use in the current scenario and hence won’t work the best. On the other hand, many latest models are made using modern technology and after multiple trials and tests. Therefore, they will offer far better protection.

As for MICH, it offers great protection but doesn’t guarantee your overall safety. But that is the case with almost all helmets because the damage can happen anywhere in your body. Generally, a certification offered by the NIJ identifies the level of safety of each helmet. It is given after running several tests to check its performance. This one is an NIJ level IIIA which is one of the highest.

Because of its capability to accommodate additional gears, its protection is further increased. One can easily add night-view glasses or communication equipment to it. It does not hinder your peripheral view and can easily handle different environmental conditions. Because of its design, it also does not cause any difficulty in hearing.

Material Used

Both PASGT and MICH helmets are made from “Kevlar.” But the quality of the material in the latter one is a lot better. Kevlar is a very strong fiber and also has heat-resistant properties. It is widely known for being the ideal material for making bulletproof armor. It has also been used in many military helmets because of its great impact resistance capabilities.

Its Designs And Variants

Since this helmet has been here for a while, many changes have been made to it. Different models have also been released, with improvements and further developments to enhance their performance. Here are a few of them:

Advanced Combat Helmet

As its name says, it is the advanced version of its predecessor. It uses a better quality Kevlar and gives slightly enhanced ballistic protection. The US forces have used it since 2003 as a replacement for older helmets because it offers great protection from shrapnel and small bullets. It is also a Level IIIA.

Enhanced Combat helmet

Unlike the ACH, this one is quite different than its predecessor as it is made using thermoplastics instead of Kevlar. It came into being because of a joint program of the US Army and Marine forces to switch older helmets. It gives much better protection from firearms as compared to regular ballistic helmets. Its chinstrap is also different from the ACH.

Can Non-Soldiers Use It?

People in the military are the primary users of this helmet. This is because they are constantly surrounded by firearms and are at risk of severe injuries. The MICH was even first made by the US Army Soldier Center, especially for soldiers. Many people in the law enforcement and security forces also wear ballistic helmets, but this one is more advanced, and there are many other options that they can go for instead.

Hence, it won’t be practical for the general public or non-soldiers to wear this. It is not advised to wear this helmet for general safety reasons or as a replacement for a motorcycle helmet. It serves a completely different purpose and should only be used for people engaged in tactical work.


Investing in the right helmet is very important, especially for soldiers. It is a matter of safety and can prevent one from dangerous situations. So, if you are a soldier and need a high-performance tactical helmet that is not just bulletproof but also lightweight and comfortable, then MICH would be the right choice for you.

Military forces around the world use it, and regular improvements being made to it have increased its performance even further. But before buying, it would be best to research all the different models of the helmet and their features so that you find the one that fits your needs the best.