Motocross Helmet – Selection & Buying Guide

Motocross is not your typical everyday sport; it is not all about racing but also about the thrill of motorcycle racing on the terrains that one would deem too deadly to take, let alone to race on it. The Motocross also known as dirt bike involved in this adventurous sport is built differently than a typical commuter and can not be compared with a regular bike.

The activity is particularly dangerous as not only is the body suspended in the air when taking the jump from the cliff, but the weight of the bike can often bring about the body with it, causing a high risk of serious injuries.

Owing to the number of chances of injury involved with the activity, it is only fair that there is a sufficient amount of protective gear that goes in with it; from head to toe, all the parts of the body are at risk of being hurt. It is pretty understandable that the head needs to be protected; most are the most critical part of the body; therefore, the usage of the helmet is paramount here.

Why buy a Motocross helmet?

It can be very tempting to rush to a store or shop online abruptly without overthinking or buying any helmet randomly. Still, it is of paramount importance to understand what the needs are and then compare them with the features provided by the helmet. It should give one an idea of how a Motocross helmet should be brought judiciously at all times.

There are numerous essential factors that one needs to be careful of, as the primary purpose of the helmet is the protection of the head. Then any of the other features of customization and fashion comes into play. A perfect dirt helmet can vary differently for different individuals. Still, in general, the one with excellent compatibility between the pricing and the quality is what makes the buyer interested in the product.

Things to look for in a Motocross helmet:

Anyone would most definitely, want their helmet to meet and often exceed as many standards as possible. In order for anyone to select their kind of Motocross helmet, they need to ensure the following characteristics on them.

  1. Parts availability: It is preferable to buy the helmet from a manufacturer that is well known because helmets are the type of protective gear that needs to be checked regularly for damages, and if there happened to be any, then it would e easy to find the replacement parts easily.
  2. The total weight – The weight of the helmet is another crucial factor one needs to consider while looking for a helmet. If the weight is on the heavier side, then it can cause some severe strain on the neck. And the weight, too, could hint at the fact that the helmet is considerably weak, which could impact the protection it offers. Therefore the helmet should be of moderate weight, which is right on the neck and can provide adequate protection.
  3. Ventilation – One of the crucial things that a helmet needs to cover is the ventilation aspect because it has been observed that many times the helmets do not provide an appropriate passageway for the air to pass through, and this can cause significant issues to the person wearing it as it can lead to suffocation, and this is especially dangerous in an activity like Motocrossing where suffocation can lead to passing out even.
  4. Comfort – The comfort level of the helmet is very underrated; upon taking up anything that needs to be worn on the skin, one has to make sure that they provide comfort to the wearer. The size of the head and the size of the helmet needs to be compatible, and the wear should find it satisfactory when trying it on and then only proceed with buying it eventually.

Other than these essential factors to be kept in mind, one should also look for a helmet that suits the color and graphics the user prefers. The graphics chosen should show of personality of the wearer; hence make sure to be unique. Especially in a sport as dangerous as dirt biking, the most one shows off through their graphics without hindering the quality of the helmet, the better.

Moving with modern technology:

With the advancement in technology, it has become evident that Motocross helmets need to evolve too. In this sense, it is therefore vital to integrate the following characters into the helmet.

  1. MIPS Liners – Multi-Directional Impact Protection System(MIPS) is a technology that detects the trauma coming from any direction and thus is able to handle the rotational impact effectively.
  2. Low weight – Modern materials such as polycarbonate and carbon fiber used to make the helmets are very lightweight yet highly high-quality. Thus solving the problem of carrying a high-weight helmet for safety purposes.
  3. Google grabbers – During Motocross biking, the movement is bound to take place at a very high speed; thus, wearing a google is a must, but at times this google can be a significant hindrance because they can get displaced with any sudden or erratic movent. Hence with the inclusion of google grabbers. This problem is dealt with adequately.
  4. Large moth vents – These are a technology that can be well appreciated and understood without much fuss. It helps increase the inflow of air into the enclosed area of the helmet and allows the riders to not get intoxicated with dirt in their mouth and face.
  5. Removable Liners – Removable inner liners are as big a boon as one can imagine for regular Motocross bikers—the ability to remove the inner liner help in preventing the helmets from smelling foul. With removable liners, they can be effectively cleaned and can be put back in place just as new.

Additional to vary of while buying a helmet:

Different individuals’ heads are built differently; therefore, a helmet that you think would fit you might not be the case, so double-checking the helmet on the head for the fitting is a must. The helmet needs to work correctly and feel comfortable on the head. Once the straps have been strapped and the helmet is fit on the head, make sure that it does not get displaced easily and does not rotate too much or do any ankle jerk. The movement of the helmet must be the same as the movement intended by the user, and no unnecessary motion should be there; then, only one can assume that the helmet is safe. Ensuring the helmet is not too tight is essential, as it can cause suffocation and block minimal necessary movements.

Follow the detailed charting of the helmets:

The size of the Motocross bike helmets varies vastly depending on the person intending to buy them. These helmets come in a considerable size chart range that shows they can be purchased for youth, adults, children, and both genders. Following the chart is a great way to estimate the head size and proceed further.

Final Thoughts:

It is evident that given the high stakes and risks constantly involved in this adventure activity, the need for a Motocross bike helmet becomes much more critical as it protects the head of the rider safe from unforgiving terrains from minor and major injuries.

The helmet needs to be well-built and enriched with features and modern technologies without compromising on the overall protection factor. Size, fitting and proper adjustability is the key to a better choice of helmets.