PASGT Helmet: The Unsung Protector Of Our Soldiers

A helmet is quite an essential piece of equipment for those working in law enforcement and public defense. It is a type of protective headgear that prevents the person wearing it from severe head injuries. People who work in the beforementioned fields always put their lives at risk and hence need the best equipment. That is why they wear helmets specially designed for them, keeping their needs in mind. One of them is the PASGT helmet.

These helmets are very much different from the regular ones. They are made of military-grade material and are designed to withstand harsh conditions. But sadly, people don’t know much about them. This guide here will give you all the information you need about the PASGT helmets and their role in protecting our soldiers.

What Is A PASGT Helmet?

PASGT means Personal Armor System For Ground Troops and includes a helmet and a vest. The PASGT helmet is a ballistic helmet made from robust and sturdy material designed to protect the wearer’s head from injuries. It has been used for years by people in the military as it provides ample protection and feels comfortable upon wearing. People in the Police forces also use it. Its primary aim is to protect soldiers from accidents on the battlefield.

It is a standard protective gear used by the U.S. Military and was also called “Kevlar.” It offers a large area of coverage and provides excellent performance. It covers the person’s entire head and ears, and one can also add accessories like a face shield to enhance protection. Even though it has existed for a very long time, it is still as prevalent and widely used, especially by ground forces.

The History Behind PASGT Helmets

Years ago, soldiers used swords and other leather or metal weapons to protect themselves from enemy attacks. These used to be their primary defense and attack source, but with time, rifles came into existence and replaced them. With new equipment being invented and the level of fatality increased, there was a need for protective combat gear. The government started investing in research and development, and many protective helmets were designed for soldiers. This is how PASGT helmets came into existence.

A new fiber was invented around the 1960s and was marketed as Kevlar. This was a heat-resistant fabric and also had bulletproof properties. PASGT was the very first helmet that used Kevlar. It was heavily used throughout the mid-1980s and is still being used in the present day in some places. With time, new improvements and changes were made, and MICH helmets replaced them. Slowly, new types of helmets came with better protection capabilities and modern features and replaced the older ones. Considering the current situation, we can assume that PASGT helmets will no longer be used in the future.

Is PASGT Helmet Bulletproof?

Since this helmet is used by the military and police forces, some people might wonder if it has bulletproof properties. It does provide excellent ballistic performance, but realistically, no helmet is bulletproof. It can easily protect you from pistol bullets but will not have a chance against stronger weapons like rifles or snipers. Also, since it is a lightweight combat helmet, it can only provide so much protection. It is perfect for ground troops and soldiers in special units who need some protection but rarely engages in extreme combat where heavy weapons are involved.

PASGT Helmet In The Military

PASGT helmet has played a significant role in the military since years ago and is probably one of the most common combat helmets used worldwide. It provides a good amount of protection, is lightweight, and also has a great design.

It was made years ago, and even though it is not seen as much now, it is still used in some places. The U.S. military used it till around the mid-2000s, but then many other helmets, like the ACH, came into existence and replaced it. But, it is still extensively used by ground troops in the military forces due to its versatility and simple design.

Problems With A PASGAT Helmet

As good as it is, it also comes with its own set of problems. Also, since it has been in use for many years, some changes are needed to fit the current requirement. Here are some of its most common issues:

  • Neck Strain: It is primarily known and widely used for its lightweight design, but with time, it started requiring additional accessories and gears to be added. Because of this, its weight significantly increased, causing neck strains among the soldiers.
  • Flimsy Straps: One of its major downfalls is the chin straps. Many soldiers have complained that it doesn’t fit well on the face and often moves from its place. This can be pretty annoying, especially on battlefields.
  • Lack Of Stability: People using it have often mentioned the instability issue. Sometimes, it tilts to the side and can be pretty uncomfortable for the person wearing it. But with time, this issue has slightly improved.

Does It Provide Enough Protection?

Yes! But it also depends upon the people using it. As a ballistic helmet, it provides a good amount of protection but will not be enough for frontline soldiers who engage in intense battles. Basically, no helmet can eliminate the danger but can significantly reduce it.

A PASGT helmet also has an IIIA protection level and can easily defend soldiers from most modern rifle bullets, besides protecting them from basic injuries. It is enough to provide a good level of protection at all times, which is one reason why it has been used in the military for years.


PASGT helmet is one of the most common types of protective headgear widely used by military soldiers, SWAT teams, and police. As previously stated, it provides adequate protection without being too heavy on the head. Despite a few flaws, it has far more advantages, and improvements are also being made gradually. Sadly, it is not talked about enough, and we can say that it is like the unsung protector of our soldiers.