The Best Power Ranger Helmets: Which One Is Right For You?

Power Rangers is a show that has been a major part of the childhood of most people and is probably the first superhero show they fell in love with. The two main things that attract everyone to it are the creative weapons and unique costumes worn by the rangers. The protagonists and the antagonists also come with amazing powers, making the show even more exciting, and have helped amass a big fan following.

The helmets worn by the rangers are one of the most prominent components of their suits and greatly help protect them and keep their identity hidden from the public. Every power ranger series has a different design that is unique to them, but the colors are usually the same. If someone plans to buy these, they will have to decide on which one since multiple variants are available in the market. This guide will inform you about some of the best power ranger helmets and other necessary information so you can pick the right one for yourself.

Best Power Ranger Helmets

Since 1993, we have had as many as 26 different power rangers, and the costumes and helmet designs were unique in every new season. Here are some of the top power ranger helmets you can consider buying:

  • Power Ranger Samurai Helmet: If you love anything samurai-related, the helmet from this season would be perfect. The visor is in the shape of Japanese Kanji letters for every color ranger, and the entire costume is inspired by the historical outfits worn by the samurais.
  • Power Rangers Wild Force Helmet: The series has had many animal themed seasons, but this one uses it the best. The helmet’s design is done in a way that represents the animal associated with each ranger. Blue ranger’s shark helmet is probably the most unique in the entire series.
  • Power Ranger In Space Helmet: This is among the popular seasons from the series and has very simple yet good-looking helmets. The visors are very well done, but the shape is the same for every ranger. The main difference is in the colors. Along with the mouthpiece, the entire thing comes together very well.
  • Power Rangers Ninja Storm Helmet: The designs used in this are probably some of the best in the entire series. The gold outside the visor gives it a unique look and blends very well with the whole suit. The helmet of the navy ranger is especially noteworthy because of the crest and the glorious color, which makes it stand out from everyone else.
  • Power Rangers Mystic Force Helmet: The colors in this one are quite vibrant, and the use of black and gold is very beautifully done. The visors represent the ranger’s form as a titan and add a personal touch. It also meshes well with the entire costume and is probably among the top helmets in the series.

Choice Of Design

Now that you know about the best power ranger helmets deciding which one would be the best for you is also very important. To do that, Knowing about your choice of design is a must because that will greatly help you streamline your options and will also save you lots of time.

Each season and each ranger from that season has its unique design. As mentioned, some are inspired by Japanese Samurai, while some are based on wild animals. It is easy to find both simple and more creative designs, so there is something for each type of person.

Each helmet represents something, and because of that, it becomes pretty easy to identify which season it is from and the powers that particular ranger has. So, if you want to pick something from the plethora of options, always decide on the design you want first. You don’t necessarily have to choose from the above ones only. Those are just the most popular and well-loved among fans.

Choice Of Color

Another important thing to consider if you wish to find the right helmet for you is your choice of color. It is the next step after you decide on the design. You can choose anything of your liking or pick the one that belongs to your favorite ranger. There are mainly five different colors of rangers in the Power Ranger series- Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and pink.

There is also some meaning behind each color. Red symbolizes leadership, fire, and power. That is why the leaders are usually red rangers. Pink and Yellow are mostly women, and they represent joy and optimism. Green and blue are synonymous with earth and water. The meaning can differ in every case, but the essence behind these colors is usually the same. Often, you will also see other rangers with less common colors like white and gold.

Favorite Season

For most people, the right choice would be to get the helmet of their favorite character from their favorite season. Everyone has a favorite. Maybe they like the Dinosaur theme of Dino thunder or the Word Building of Mighty Morphin. Whatever the reason is, if a person has a favorite season from the show, it would become easier for them to pick. It is not that the helmet from one season is better or lower in quality than the others. It solely depends on the brand’s material quality and its build.

Suitability While Riding

If you are looking for a power ranger helmet for use while riding, none of them would be right for you. Like other superhero helmets, only replicas and imitations are available for purchase and are mainly designed to be used as a prop or for cosplay.

They are not made to sustain heavy impact and will not protect you from injuries if there is an accident. These are also not DOT-approved so you can face legal troubles. Indeed, a few motorcycle helmets inspired by this are available in the market, but they don’t look the same.

Analyzing Your Needs

Before buying, analyzing your needs and what you want this helmet for is a must. Unlike regular helmets, this is not meant for safety purposes and is best used as a colletor’s piece or prop for a power ranger cosplay. One can create a complete look of their favorite ranger by pairing the helmet with the suit or can simply display it on their shelf. So, if you are going to use it for this purpose, then you can pick any season’s helmet of your liking.

What Should you pick?

Basically, no particular helmet is right or the most ideal for you. It solely depends on your liking, and you can go for any because the only difference is in the color and design. However, one must pay attention to what he will be using it for and whether it is designed for that purpose or not.

Out of all the rangers from the twenty-six seasons, you have the option to go for any of them. Their helmets are pretty easily available, as many brands have come up with their own replicas. But before buying, ensure you have a budget because there is something in every price range. The higher you go, the better the quality will be and the more realistic it will look.