Ruroc Helmet Reviews

Brands like Ruroc helmets are hard to come by as they do not cover anyone but multiple purposes, such as motorcycle and snow sports/activities. Both are among the two major outdoor activities that are performed around the globe by people of all ages.

What this does is that it gives an opportunity to a line of brands to gather a big customer base for themselves. The bigger the customer base, the more their products will sell, and the revenue and popularity will simultaneously increase.

About the brand:

Ruroc is a British brand that has mastered manufacturing full-faced helmets. They offer the best in class helmets and other motorcycle and snow sports accessories needed when one goes out for either of the two activities. In addition to the flagship helmets provided by the brand, the range offered includes several clothing items such as jackets, hoodies, t-shirts, and other accessories. In the case of snow sports, the range gets even more extensive with the inclusion of goggles and goggle lenses.

Technological advancement and the will to serve the customer with the best products have put the Ruroc brand on the world map. The quality and efficiency in the finishing touches are nothing to sneeze on.

Let us dive into the two sections the brand offers:

Motorcycle helmets;

The biking experience is enhanced multiple times by using the Rurioc helmets and accessories; the brand covers the head aspect’s safety and adds to the fun of motorbikes with the gears provided. Talking of the helmets first, they are built from carbon fiber. Carbon fiber’s other wonderful features include heat tolerance, high stiffness, tensile strength, low strength-to-weight ratio, and resistance to certain chemicals that could deteriorate the helmet over time. The thermal expansion is great, and so is the durability. The carbon bonds in the carbon fiber distribute a significant portion of the helmet’s shock.

The helmet is aesthetically amazing, giving a stylishly futuristic look, built aerodynamically to cut through the wind when the rider is moving at high speed. The flagship helmets offered by the brand not only meet the quality standards put in by ECE (Economic Commission of Europe) testing requirements at 22.06 but also exceeds them by a minimum of 20%. The best things about the helmets are that they cover the following aspects that ensure the total safety of the riders:

  • Linear Impact absorption – This feature leads to the distribution and absorption of the direct and linear impacts transferred to the rider.
  • Rotational Impact Absorption – This is a very important feature, as most of the life-threatening injuries endured in a bike accident are due to
  • Penetration Resistance – This feature prevents any sharp object from penetrating through to the head of the rider.
  • Fit and Positional Stability – The fitting of the helmet is a must when it comes to safety because it ensures that the helmet does not get displaced or moved when traveling at a high velocity or when one looks back or sideways.
  • Visibility – The visibility is never compromised in the helmet; the field of vision is very clear both horizontally and vertically and makes sure that the biker is able to the road as much as possible.
  • Robust retention – This feature prevents the helmets from leaving the head of the rider complimented by the able chinstraps and buckle.

An additional but very wanted feature that has been put in on the helmet is the ability to connect to Bluetooth devices. The seamless integration of Bluetooth is much desired nowadays. Often when on long rides, it can be boring to ride, so a little music playing inside the helmet is not bad. Also, in case of a call, Bluetooth connectivity prevents the hassle of stopping and taking the call.

Making your route easy:

The journey from one place to another can be made very convenient through the multitudes of facilities that are served alongside the helmet, built to tackle the many inconveniences such as loud noises, fog, high-intensity sunlight on a hot day, and many more. In order to counter all these problems, the brand has come up with a range of solutions, such as fully padded internals, including head-liners and cheek pads which adjust and fit pretty well according to the shape of the head.

The technology instilled in the helmets makes the space inside the helmet quiet; it eliminates excessive noise by providing dampening inserts around the ear. The issue of fog recurring on the helmets is dealt with incredibly by the manufacturers by providing open/close vent switches that let the user control the environment inside the helmet at their will. The helmets are available in various designs, colors, and patterns.

Lastly, to cap off the protection aspect, the head-liner is well integrated with the RHEON technology to provide world-class road safety to the motorcycle rider by dealing with the severity and direction of the impact.

Snow helmets:

The range of snow helmets offered by the brand is pretty wide, and it includes not only open and full-faced helmets but also comes in an extensive range of colors and designs. The graphics present on the helmets are creative and funky, so one can choose whichever one wants according to personality.

The helmets for snow sports have much of features similar to those inculcated in motorcycle helmets, with the most significant ones being the quality standard, the carbon-fiber body, vents, and several other important features and modifications that ensure that the experience of the customers not compromised on any front with respect to the helmets.

Goggles and goggle lenses:

The brand has mastered the art of making the snow adventure for the user the best it can be with the help of useful equipment such as goggles and goggles lenses. They solve one of the most prominent problems people face while skiing: the wind or snow getting in the eyes and disturbing the entire route of the skiers.

The goggles are built to be fitted with the helmets, and it covers the majority of the area around the eyes as well as the major portion of the forehead. The frames of the goggles are available in several colors, and the lenses, in addition to the reason mentioned above, are also meant to deflect the oncoming sun radiations from causing hindrance, especially while going down the slope at high speed. The lenses of the goggles, too, are presented in various shades by the brand, but none of the colors block the visibility of the user in any way.

Snow sports adventurers and players can also surf the brand to get face masks, helmet locks, lite shockwave Bluetooth systems, and carry bags. An important addition to the helmet is the visor above the rim of the goggles, assisting the aerodynamics.

The clothing line of the brand:

The cherry on the top for the brand is the leather jackets, textile jackets, armor inserts, and outlets, which are available in select colors for both men and women in the motorcycle section. Then there are amazing accessories and t-shirts, and the brand offers hoodies. The clothing line of Ruroc complements the main products.


Ruroc has led the generation of motorcycle riding enthusiasts and snow sports enthusiasts into exploring the best-in-class products that aid in the overall betterment of the riding experience on the road and the snow slope. The products ensure that the safety of the user is given primary preference over everything else. Once that is considered, the features that enrich the overall experience of motorcycle riding and skiing take over.