Schutt Helmet Reviews

There are numerous football helmet manufacturing and selling brands in the US, but very few do it the way Schutt does. With the arrival of Schutt, the adult football helmet market saw technology and techniques being implemented to counter the sturdiness of regular adult football helmets.

The brand has made its mark by changing the way a helmet is built, throwing the conventional ways into the drain, and adopting evolving methodologies. The unique looks depicted by the brand’s flagship helmets are a precursor to the creativity instilled in the manufacturing of the products offered.

Along with the football helmets, the brand has also successfully ventured into the baseball and softball helmet market, targeting the audiences and enthusiasts of one of the major sports of the United States of America. They make equally good quality baseball and softball batter helmets, with some available with face-protecting masks, thus providing protection from 100mph pitches.


The brand provides excellent safety to the head of the players due to its advanced shock and impact absorption and distribution technology, as well as the rotational energy disruption mechanism. The aesthetics of the helmet is simply great, in addition to the unique look it gives off on the field, making it easy to spot on the playing field.


The helmets offered by the brand can be deemed pricey by some. The size of the helmets is different compared to the other ones available on the market, and the sizes run smaller. The Tektonic plate design of the helmet could make it difficult for the user to place decals on the helmet, so customization is not very convenient.


The brand gives a unique and different option in the market of adult football helmets. The uniqueness offered by the helmets is the reason that separates it from the other competitors on the market. The effectiveness in the shock and impact reduction from high-intensity hits makes the helmet pretty safe to be donned by even players playing positions where the risks of collisions are more. The pricing can be considered high, but the feature richness surpasses this barrier easily.

Unique adjustments and installments on the helmet:

Among the many new improvements assigned to the helmets, the padding on the outside of the shell is one of the most effective. Using Schutt’s three-dimensional Movement System, the tectonic plates are strategically placed above the TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) padding. The leaves placed move independently of the helmets in multiple directions that not only store up the rotational energy but also reduce the impacts of shocks to the head of the user.

An (RDS) Radion Diffusion System liner is on the helmet’s inside. The liner moves independently of the helmet, providing yet another effective layer of protection to the head of the players. The front pad is multi-layered that combines TPU padding, vinyl nitrile, and comfort foam to safeguard one of the most impact-prone areas of the helmet, which is the front side open to straight hits from opposition players.

Fitting and stabilization of the helmets:

As important as it is for the helmet to be strong and shock absorbent, it is that much more important for it to have the ability to adjust on the head of the player and stabilize itself even when the player is moving at full intensity. The Schutt helmets come with a helmet stabilization system that helps in giving a locked-in feel around the jaw area. The helmet stabilization system instills;

  • External cheek stabilizers reinforce the ear flap.
  • Internal cheek stabilizers add protection and reinforcement
  • The jaw pads are materialized from fireman’s leather that feels easy on the skin.

In addition, the helmet includes a soft white cup chinstrap and cushioned jaw pads for the ideal fit for one and all.

Focus on protection:

Very often, the emphasis is given to the aesthetics of the helmets. Still, the essential part of the helmet is its ability to provide top-notch safety to the head of the players from external injuries like scratches, abrasions, and more dangerous hits that can cause concussions and long-term issues.

The ultimate level of protection provided by the helmets is thanks to its multi-layers five levels of protection, not only on the inside but also on the outside of the shell. The TPU cushioning is present on the inside of the helmet for highly-advanced impact absorption across all temperature levels. The tektonic plates, which move in all directions for the management of rotational energy, are placed above the additional TPU cushioning. The specifically designed F7 faceguards work compatibly with the helmets to provide excellent protection and a wide range of vision.

Facemasks, chinstraps, and head-liner:

The multitudes of aspects that cap off the proper enhancement of helmets are tipped off by the use of well-equipped facemasks, chinstraps, and liners. Starting with the facemasks, the helmets are instilled with standard clips on the facemasks, which provide adequate protection to the athletes; this is coupled with a Twist Release System that makes the hassle of removing the facemasks go away.

Then the chinstraps are wonderfully designed to match the head size of the athletes, and they are made out of white soft cup chinstraps. Finally, the headliner they are built using inflatable technology, which offers a great deal of fitting customized to the user.

Specifications of the helmets:

The detailing on the specification of the helmets offered by the brand is very important as it dictates what the buyer is looking for at the end of the day. The brand provides adult helmets, so those looking for youth helmets will not be able to get the desired product. The helmet’s weight is 3.3 lbs, which is on the lighter side, mainly thanks to the polycarbonate shell type from which the brand builds; the polycarbonate body provides many benefits, such as high impact resistance, lower cost of manufacturing, and incredibly tough.

The pad type used in the helmets is single-layer TPU which is inflatable in nature and ought to be taken care of when roughed up enough times doing intense plays on the field. One of the most renowned ratings for helmets is Vt Helmet Rating; Schutt scores a 5 star on their scale. The helmets’ color pallets, as well as those of faceguards, are extensive and spread out to meet many people’s desires.

The total extent of the products offered:

It would be a disservice to limit Schutt’s range to their undeniably great flagship helmets. The total range of the products offered by the brand includes not only the helmets but their separate pieces as well as faceguards, pads, chinstraps, appealing apparel, gear, and accessories. The product range is extensive for baseball and softball. The line includes catcher’s gear, fielder’s guards, bases, training and practice equipment such as training nets, pitching aid home plate, and extra accessories.


On the grand scale of things, the Schutt brand ensures that the dreams and safety of the up-and-coming and professional athletes are secured by their undeniably great helmets, which meet safety standards comfortably and branch out to multiple sports, football, baseball, and softball. The brand offers a whole lot more in a single place than what one can get from several different marketplaces and platforms.