What Are The Smart Helmets?

Photocredit: Sena.com

A helmet is one of the most common protective gear people know of, and its primary goal is to protect you from accidents while on the road. But, with the rapid advancements in technology and new things being explored every day, this is not the only purpose of a helmet anymore. If you are an avid biker or commute on your two-wheeler daily, technology has made it possible for you to enjoy your rides even more while significantly improving your safety. You can now listen to music, communicate with your colleague, and get safety alerts with just your helmet.

Even just a few years from now, it would have been unimaginable for people to believe that a simple protective headgear could do all this. However, technological advancements have given us a “Smart Helmet.”It is like your regular protective headgear but with modern tech. It has many different features and is primarily designed to help improve safety. It alerts your close ones in case of an accident, provides early detections, and some also let you play music. Overall, this is an excellent invention with an even greater cause, and in this guide, we will tell you everything about it.

Main Purpose Behind Smart Helmets

The primary purpose of a helmet is to protect the rider from severe head injuries in case of an accident. Still, due to a lack of medical attention in due time, there have been many fatalities. That is why Smart helmets came into existence to prevent this issue. They come with smart sensing technology that provides early detections and alerts contacts in case of any mishap.

These helmets are not just for bike riders but also for people working in industries with high chances of mishaps and accidental injuries. But just safety is not what they offer. Other than providing protection, they also have many other features that help make your life slightly more manageable. Want to listen to music or access GPS with your helmet? A smart helmet will help you do that.

Working Of A Smart Helmet

With so many technological advancements, the science behind smart helmets isn’t as complicated as you might think. Not all come with the same features and functions. You will find something different from every brand, something that makes their product different from the rest. Some might come with two or three features, while others might have five. Most come with GSM or IoT-based technology. These help in early detection and sending messages to contacts in case of an accident.

Many helmets also come with Bluetooth, allowing people to make calls, listen to music, and do much more. Some also offer GPS, which helps in easy navigation. All this can be easily accessed using HUD technology. Also, these features are run with the help of a battery, which acts as the primary power source. This is basically how these helmets work.

Smart helmets For Road Safety

Every day, many lives are lost on the road due to reckless driving, untimely medical help, and many more reasons. Preventing this is one of the main causes why Smart Helmets were made. They come with features like alcohol detection, location tracking, and many more that are specially designed to protect the rider from possible accidents.

One more important feature of this is that it can also act as a key. You won’t be able to turn on your bike unless you have your helmet with you. This will make sure that you don’t forget to wear it at all times. And if you are someone who forgets things quickly, then this is perfect for you.

Smart Helmets In Construction

The road is not the only place where most amounts of accidents happen. Construction sites are also relatively high on the list. Workers here are always in danger of accidents, some of which can even be fatal. So, to protect themselves, they usually wear helmets. But, as it was realized that a regular one could only do so much and there was a need for something more advanced, smart helmets started being used in many places.

These come with many features that are especially great for construction workers. Now it not just protects their head from falling objects but also detects smoke, helps in communication, and also comes with a GPS.

Location Tracking Using Smart Helmets

One of the major pros of this helmet is that it comes with a location tracking feature. Most brands have this because it helps in real-time tracking. If you end up losing it or get into an unfortunate accident, it would be much easier for others to track your location. The GPS feature in this also helps the rider in navigation. This is great for people who love to travel and explore new places.

Is It Necessary?

Whether you need a Smart Helmet or not completely depends on your needs and budget. It can be pretty expensive, so most people like to stick to regular helmets. But the features it offers are incomparable and have helped save many lives. Like many other modern technologies we use, this too has its own set of pros and cons, and in upcoming years, it will definitely be more commonly used.

This does not mean that it is absolutely necessary. The one thing that matters is that you wear a helmet whenever you are riding a two-wheeler. You can consider getting it only if you think it will help you and it also falls under your budget.

Conclusion- A Useful Invention

Now that we know what a Smart Helmet is and all its benefits, we can say it is a valuable invention. It came into being with the idea of reducing accidents and saving people’s lives. It ensures the safety of riders on the road and workers employed in hazardous industries like construction, where there is always a risk of mishaps. It might have its own set of downfalls, but the general idea behind it is positive and can lead to great results.