Can You Use StarLord Helmet Like A Motorcycle Helmet

Unfortunately, even though it looks great, you can’t really use it for many things. And if you are someone who rides a bike and is wondering if you can use your StarLord helmet instead of your motorcycle helmet, then No! We would not recommend using it while riding as both serve entirely different purposes.

Primary Uses Of A StarLord Helmet

Brands often make replicas of accessories and weapons used in big movies for fans to buy. Many people in the fandom are also collectors and collect pieces related to their favorite movies. Like other merchandise that makes it to a fan’s collection, Star Lord’s helmet is also available for Marvel fans to purchase.

Similarly, a lot of people love to cosplay as their favorite characters. There are a lot of fan conventions and events that people go to, or maybe it is Halloween, and they think of dressing up as the Dark Lord. The helmet might not have powers like in the movie, but many brands have added features like LED eyes or built-in headphones to listen to music that people will thoroughly enjoy.

Problems With Wearing StarLord Helmet While Riding

A motorcycle helmet is very much different from a Star Lord Helmet. Both are made for different purposes and can’t really be used as a replacement for each other. One is a fun accessory, whereas another is protective gear. Here are a few reasons why you can’t use a StarLord Helmet as your Motorcycle helmet:

  • Design- It has a very cool design, but it is not made to be used as protective gear while on the road. It also has no covering over the head, making it useless if you get into an accident.
  • Visibility- It has red-tinted glasses on the eye, which will make it difficult for you to see things clearly while on the road. So, it might lead to even more accidents rather than protecting you.
  • Practicality- It is also not practical to use it as your motorcycle helmet as it is clearly designed to be a fun gadget to be enjoyed by fans. It is also not meant for rough usage and will not last a long time.
  • Discomfort- It is not the most comfortable, and rather than making your riding experience smooth, it can make the process much more difficult for you. Also, unlike a regular helmet, it does not even come with proper padding.

Wearing It For Road Safety

Road safety is a big issue with all the accidents happening every day, and of the major reasons is not wearing a helmet. A motorcycle helmet is specifically designed to prevent this and has all the required features. But, if you wear anything else, you can’t expect it to work the same. This also goes for wearing your StarLord helmet while riding a bike. It is not designed for this and does not guarantee your safety in case anything happens.

It is just a fun gadget designed for people to enjoy and not for protecting you from possible brain damage in case of an accident. You can keep it on your shelf for display or use it in your next cosplay, but wearing it while riding a motorcycle is not recommended. It might protect you from some wind but will not keep you completely safe.

Legal Repercussions

There is much more to simply wearing anything you want as your protective headgear while riding. Many state laws in the U.S. require you to wear certain types of helmets, and most of them have to be DOT( Department Of Transportation standards) approved. These are for bike helmets, but a Star Lord helmet doesn’t even come under it. It doesn’t cover your face well, and there is no protection over your head. If you are caught, there are chances that legal steps will be taken. You can be fined, or the matter can even be taken further.

Risks Associated If You Do Use It

If you still decide to wear it while riding your motorcycle, you will be exposing yourself to many risks. These include both physical as well as legal repercussions. Here are a few of them:

  • Injuries: One of the biggest risks you will be exposed to is of getting severe bodily injuries. It does not have a hard outer shell or good padding to absorb the force from any impact. So if you get into an unfortunate accident, you can be heavily injured, and it can also be fatal.
  • No Weather Protection: A regular helmet keeps you safe and also protects you from bad weather conditions like heavy rains, hails, or strong gushes of wind. But with this, you can’t expect it to do all those things. It might not let dirt get inside your eyes, but that is all.
  • Fines: As mentioned before, not wearing the right helmet can have legal consequences. If you are caught, you can get a fine, and the matter can even be taken further. So if you don’t want any of that, it is better to stick to the usual motorcycle helmet.


Now that you know everything about StarLord helmets and what can happen if you decide to use them instead of motorcycle helmets, we hope you make the right choice. These might look very cool, and you might even be tempted to wear them while riding around town, but protecting you from injuries is not what they are made for. These are just collectibles and props for fans that they can use to dress up as their favorite character.