Your Toddler Needs a Helmet: Here’s Why

As soon as babies start crawling, you have to always keep a watch on them. They run around everywhere and often bump into walls. Hence, parents worry about their safety and try to ensure they don’t get hurt. Helmets can significantly help you with that. While riding their favorite bicycle or board, you can make your toddler make a helmet to prevent them from any possible injuries. You can also make them wear a safety helmet while playing to prevent their head from getting hurt if they fall or hit their head somewhere.

Often, toddlers have to wear a special type of helmet for medical reasons. This helmet is different from regular safety or bike helmets. It helps in treating Flat Head Syndrome. But, you must not confuse them with safety helmets, as both of these are entirely different and serve different purposes.

In many places, the government has also imposed fines. So, if your kid is found not wearing a helmet while riding a bike or scooter, you will be fined. Nevertheless, it is better to make your toddler wear one for their own safety.

Basics Of A Toddler Helmet

A toddler’s helmet is slightly different from the one of an adult. The structure is generally the same, but there is a slight difference in the size and the type of material used. Overall, they function similarly and have the same purpose of providing protection. Here is a basic overview of how it all works-

It comes with a hard outer shell, generally made of plastic. On the inside, it has a layer of padding. When a person wearing one hits his head, the impact on the head is significantly less. The pressure from the accident reduces as it passes through the layers of the helmet. That is how it helps protect the head from fractures or severe brain damage.

Helmet Safety For Toddlers

A helmet is an essential gear your toddler must wear while riding his bike or skating around the yard. Stanford children’s health statistics have reported that many kids who had an accident and were not wearing a helmet have had major head injuries, some even fatal. As a parent, you must educate your little ones about the benefits and importance of wearing a helmet. You should also be proactive and ensure that your toddler has a fun yet safe playtime.

Head injuries can lead to lifetime repercussions like concussion and brain damage. It can destroy the quality of life and can lead to emotional stress for the injured and his family. That is why educating your kids from a very young age is so important.

Encouraging Your Kid To Wear A Helmet

Kids love to play and don’t like anything restricting or bothering them. As much as helmets are essential, there is a high chance that your toddler might hate to wear them. But, it is important to develop this habit early so that they follow it for the rest of their lives. Here are some tips to help you:

  • Educate Them About It: Inform your kids about the benefits and risks associated with not wearing a helmet. Teach them as soon as they start riding their bikes so they can develop positive habits.
  • Wear A Helmet Yourself: Kids do what they see, so don’t just teach them. You must also follow what you are teaching. If you always wear a helmet while riding your bike, they will wear one too.
  • Get Their Favorite Color: Encourage your child to wear a helmet by getting one of their favorite colors. You can make them pick one themselves to feel more involved and also allow them to choose their favorite design.
  • Customizing It: Let your kid customize his helmet by adding stickers and drawings. Doing this will bring out his creativity and will make him stand out from everyone else. It will also make it easy for you to spot him.

State Laws For Kid’s Accident protection

Various state laws also make it necessary for kids to wear a helmet. There have been many cases of fatal injuries to the head that could have been prevented. Kids also need a lot more care as they are young and can be pretty careless. They can run on a busy road or jump from high walls. Hence, parents must always be careful and make sure their kids are safe.

The helmet law is a significant step toward improving this problem and has been highly effective so far. Governments across countries are starting campaigns to make people more aware of this issue and working alongside law enforcement to ensure the law is in proper effect.

Importance Of Helmets For Kids

Helmets are one of the most common protective gear and are highly effective in preventing severe head injuries. Bodily injuries are most likely not fatal and are easily treatable, but there is a high risk of trauma and heavy brain damage in case of an injury to the head. Toddlers are still in their developing stage and have soft bodies. That is why they must always wear a helmet while riding their bikes or a safety helmet while playing.

Still, many people don’t make their kids wear it thinking they are too young to need one. But, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics, no matter if your kid is 2, you should always make him wear a helmet whenever he is riding his bike. This is not just a tiny issue but can also have legal repercussions.

Conclusion- A Helmet Is Essential

If you think whether you need a helmet for your toddler, then Yes, you do! It is essential if your little one loves riding his bike or running around the house. There are multiple cases of injuries among kids that are caused unintentionally but have caused severe damage. A single head injury can lead to brain damage, concussions, or even death. Simply wearing a helmet can significantly reduce this problem by over 85%. As much as you adore your kid, you must also ensure they stay safe and healthy and can play without any issues.